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Realising Long Term Benefits of LED Lighting.

Nowadays, people have trouble making small sacrifices now that will reward them handsomely later. How often do we ignore the advice to make a few diet and exercise changes to live a longer, healthier life? Or to put some money aside to grow into a nest egg? Intellectually, we get it — but instant gratification is a powerful force.


Lets not procrastinate on something we know would benefit us.

Start buying LED light bulbs.

You've probably seen LED torches, the LED "flash" on phone cameras and LED indicator lights on electronics. But LED bulbs, for use in the lamps and light sockets of your home, have been slow to arrive, because of their high price, their electronics and heat-management features have made them much more expensive than other kinds of bulbs.

That's a pity, because LED bulbs are a huge improvement over incandescent bulbs and even the compact fluorescent (known as CFLs), that the world spent several years telling us to buy.

LEDs last about 25 times as long as incandescents and three times as long as CFLs; We're talking maybe 25,000 hours of light. Install one today, and you may not own your house, or even live long enough to see it burn out because, they don't actually burn out they just get dimmer.

You know how hot incandescent bulbs become? That's because they convert only 5 to 10 percent of your electricity into light; they waste the rest as heat. LED bulbs are far more efficient. They convert 60 percent of their electricity into light, so they consume far less electricity.

Energy efficient house.

You pay less, you pollute less.

But wait, there's more: LED bulbs also turn on to full brightness instantly. They're dimmable. The light colour is wonderful; you can choose whiter or warmer bulbs. They're rugged, too. It's hard to break an LED bulb, but if the worst should come to pass, a special coating prevents flying shards. Yet despite all of these advantages, few people install LED lights. Never wanting to get more than $30 for a light bulb?. So how about the long term investment. About $200 in replacement bulbs and electricity over 25 years.

Surely there's some price, though, where that maths isn't so off putting. What if each bulb were only $15? Or even $10?

The light from an LED bulb doesn't have to be white. Several companies make bulbs that can be any colour you want.

Common sense tablets.
LED bulbs last decades, save electricity, don't shatter, don't burn you, save hundreds of dollars, and now offer plummeting prices and blossoming features. What's not to like? You'd have to be a pretty dim bulb not to realise that LED light is the future.

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