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Remarkable, Easy, and Affordable Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Renovating your home can sometimes seem like it costs an arm and a leg. Mattresses, furniture, hardwood floors... the list draws on. Is it really possible to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort and beauty on a small budget? Of course you can! Here are our ideas that are not only easy and affordable, but can also give your bathroom a newly refreshing and inspiring look!



Analyse Your Space

Start by asking yourself these simple questions

  • What is the size of my bedroom?
  • Does my bedroom follow a conventional shape?
  • What style do I wish to achieve? (Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Cottage etc.)
  • Do I have any parts that will make decorating a challenge? (appliances, equipment, fixtures etc.)


Study Your Style 

Analyse your chosen style in more detail. Look at colours, textures and patterns used. Further analyse the way in which these conventions impact a given space. An easy way to do this is through observation of other peoples houses. Alternatively you can opt for magazines or websites such as Pinterest for endless inspiration.

Choose to paint your walls with colours that never go out of style. Neutral colour schemes are an easy wall to do this. Lighter colours can make a room appear more spacious and welcoming.

If you wish to incorporate brighter pops of colour into your room add pillows, bed covers and small decorative items. These small items are fantastic as they can significantly impact the overall feel of your room, yet wont break the budget.

Buy ready-to-assemble furniture

Opt for ready-to-assemble furniture over ready-made items. Its significantly cheaper - if you know how and where to shop. Always remember to scrutinise materials, techniques and finishes used in the furniture.


Choose LED lighting

Economic LED Downlighting will help you save your hard earned cash. Not only is the initial price low, but you additionally save with huge reduction in energy usage. This Phillips 12 Watt LED Downlight Kit gives you a 75% reduction in energy usage and additionally has a 50,000 hour life span.

Warm white lighting is most suitable for bedroom use. Opt for lights which have the ability to be dimmed, as this will provide you with greater control over the mood of your bedroom.

Finally you could opt to add some DIY Feature lighting which can easily turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of beauty. For a retro look try the Domain Pendant. If you alternatively dream of an asian styled bedroom choose this Bali Kuta Pendant. Lastly to add a glamorous touch to your space choose the Milano Pendant (see below).


This is not an exhaustive list of budget-friendly bedroom makeover ideas. So if you have some fantastic tips to share, use the comment section to help fellow DIYers bring the bedroom of their dreams to life.

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