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Moving house: How to deal with unusual furniture removal

Do you have a grand piano, a floor to ceiling mirror or an unusually tall shaped lamp? Are you thinking how on earth are we going to be able to move all this stuff to a new place? There was a time when this dilemma threw up chaotic cartoon images of pianos being dropped from windows or rolling uncontrollably down flights of stairs with panicking removal men running after them. Whilst moving house with large or delicate items can be tricky, there's no need to panic so much any more.

Removing the Impossible Furniture2

These days, removal firms are well versed in the process of safe furniture removal for houses, flats and offices. However, extra care and caution should always be taken when choosing the right removal firm for you. Here's a few tips and ideas to help you choose the best moving company for you and what you can do to make their job as safe and swift as possible.

Moving house with a removal firm is a partnership. First of all, you need to do your research and although you might be busy or strapped for time when planning on moving house or office, the whole process will be far easier and faster if you do your homework at the start. Begin to list all the furniture items you'll need to move by creating categories. Some of these categories could include 'Heavy Kitchen Utility Machines' , as in fridges, freezers, stoves, washing machines etc. Another might be Living Room Furniture. Grouping furniture by room will help removal companies to pack items in a useful order for when you need to unpack them at the new property. This tends to also group similar items together, as most of the time the heavy machinery will be kitchen-based. When you pass on this list to the moving firm, they will be able to have a clearer image of how they will pack your moving van.

Removing the Impossible Furniture1

Once you have made these lists, it's a good idea to make a couple of new categories. This may involve taking certain items out from the other lists you have made, but that's okay. These new categories can include Large Fragiles, Heavy Fragiles or Large Odd-shaped Items. You may have a sculpture or other piece of large art that is of an unusual shape or perhaps a tall thin pendant light that is of significant value. Upright or grand pianos would come in this category too. Give small descriptions of each of these items. Is one particular part of the object weak or delicate? Is it made of glass? Can there be absolutely no pressure on it when packing? Does it mark easily? Write down some bullet point notes and pass them onto your chosen removal business.

When choosing a firm, talk to them and make sure right from the start that they are aware of any unusual furniture you might have. Even if you're unsure whether it's 'unusual', just ask. It's far better to discuss these issues at the start of the project rather than on moving day when the removal men turn up and are confronted with a glass chair! When discussing these items with the company, listen to see how comfortable and confident they are. Most companies are used to working in this way, but some smaller firms may not have the staff, experience or facilities to accommodate such items.

Being comfortable with your moving company is essential for your piece of mind. You need to be able to trust them and know that your move is going to go smoothly. Keep talking with them right up to moving day and when they arrive just have a quick chat again to make sure they are up to date with what needs extra thought and care in removing.

So next time you look at the porcelain stand-alone bath tub and panic about moving, relax, take a breath and remember that no piece of furniture is too small, too big or too unwieldy!

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