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Renovate for the Right Audience

Ever wonder why renovating the garage doesn't seem to shorten the time your property stays in the market? Probably because renovating the garage fails to push the right buttons that actually matter to buyers.

Creating the ultimate dream garage or a man cave that any man would die for will add value but (based on pattern) doesn't turn the heads of the one person in charge of having the final say to the house.

Even in today's world women still do the lion’s share of the domestic work. On average men do less hours of housework a week as compared to women. This is why the lion share of whether to buy your property comes from her - not him.


Women make the house buying decisions in the majority of cases. It is then reasonable to take more than a passing interest in looking at measures to make the woman’s life easier, thus have your property out the market sooner.


Make sure the kitchen is centrally located to allow socializing to be combined with meal preparation. Also, to aid in every women's maternal instinct, the kitchen should have a clear line of vision over the rear garden so that the cook (normally the mum) can supervise children playing while working in the kitchen.

Wall rackMake sure there is enough storage for both regular and odd shaped items such as cookbooks, large serving platters, chopping boards and tea towels. Aside from soft close doors and drawers that are a given,add extra touches like kitchen wall racks close to the stove and food preparation area so the mums have all their utensils and spices/sauces at hand, or in the walk-in pantry, so their favourite items are handy and visible.  It also keeps dangerous items such as sharp knifes up high and away from small children.

3160006The addition of a pull out pantry is an absolute winner. It will provide massive amount of storage hidden in a streamlined look that any housewife would die for. Another wow factor is a magic corner kitchen pull-out storage unit which is best for maximising the usage of and access to the corner space under the kitchen bench.



shirt hanger

You need to have enough space to sort and manage an average family wash as a minimum.Try to position the laundry in close proximity to the kitchen so that washing cycles can be monitored from the kitchen. Ideally it should have an external door with direct access to the clothesline. Lots of cupboards and accommodation for washing baskets. Position the linen press in the laundry eliminating the need to carry clean linen through the house to be stored. Provide adequate bench space for folding and sorting. Install a hanging shirt rail for business shirts and other items for airing. Installing an ironing station where the ironing board can be folded down out of the wall and then away again after use is a sure mum pleaser.


Though the garage is said to be men territory. There is a lot you can do to ease the experience of landing home with a carload of kids and shopping , especially in the rain. Remote control garage doors are pretty much a given and well priced these days. Garage has to be big enough to open the car doors without taking a chunk of paint off. Accessing the house from the garage makes the unloading operation infinitely easier and safer.


How far you go with security will depend a lot on the area but at the very minimum door locks that are keyed alike and window locks are a must. Installing Keyless locks are a definite plus and will surely satisfy the maternal protective instincts present to all mums and wives. A security system, including remote control will mean the system can be can disarmed with full arms.


Every woman's pet peeve is a highly delectable bathroom to to wash away an entire days work.

Consider large well lit mirrors for putting on makeup. Bench space to put down large items like a hairdryer; Good storage including high-level storage to keep some items out of reach of little fingers; Heated towel rails are a must in family bathrooms as they are economical to operate and eliminate damp smelly towels piling up.


These are just a few but the idea is not to just focus on looks when engaging your feminine side to design a renovation for sale. Remember that we girls are workers and will appreciate your efforts to lighten the load.

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