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Renovation Projects best done in Spring

Now that T-shirt weather seems to be sliding in down, it might just be the ideal time to face the renovation ideas you've been spouting off loudly about all winter. And since everyone else will be doing the exact same thing, it's time to jump in and settle on your plans. If you're hoping to get some renovations or improvements done over the next few months, (particularly anywhere remotely near the Christmas holidays) book early and get the pick of the builders and tradespeople. Remember, you're going to be competing with everyone else to get the tradespeople you want.

Here are a few things to get started with before it's too late:

Exterior Painting

Why?, first, spring is a very comfortable time to do outdoor painting. Second, it’s smart to paint before putting down mulch, which along with your plants, will just get trampled if you paint later on. Third, why not get your painting done before more pleasant ‘distractions’ like gardening, sports, and barbecues begin?  more importantly exterior latex paint forms the most durable, protective finish when the weather is mild. It’s always best to do exterior painting when the temperature is above 50 degrees F, but not too hot, very hot days can cause the paint to dry too quickly and impair good paint film formation. By painting in moderate weather, you’ll likely get a longer-lasting paint job.”

Trevor.Huxham - Flickr

Floor Sanding

Though you might think, why be stuck inside when it's nice outside? Shouldn't you have done this indoor project during the winter? Floor sanding kicks up an incredible amount of dust--literally pounds of dust. During Spring, you can throw open all the doors and windows and set up fans to suck the dust outward.

Put in a pool

Building a pool is hard work in hotter weather, and you'll be kicking yourself if it's not ready in time to enjoy for the summer holidays.
Caviness Landscape Design - Flickr


Though initially it may seem an obvious perfect indoor project to take on when it's snowy outside, warm weather and open windows help expedite the drying of drywall compound. This is a slow process, and you need all the help you can get!

Fix up the garden, plant some veggies

Spring's ideal to establish (or re-establish) a garden because of the fine weather, not too hot to dry your greens and not too wet to drown them.

Pleuntje - Flickr

Lay Asphalt Driveway

Though this is simply dumping a hunk of steaming asphalt on the driveway and smoothing it out, you may want to note that asphalt actually needs the right factors of temperature and moisture to set properly. Better weather leads to a better driveway.

Barbecues, pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens etc.

Cooking outdoors in summer will help you keep the house cool. Very good idea to start on this now if you're planning on having a lot of people over too.

One Specialty Outdoor Living - Flickr

Build an Addition

We know that contractors manage to build additions--entire houses and developments even!--all throughout the year. But realise that this better weather can only ensure that the contractor will be able to stick to timetable. Delays might result in prices of materials rising, or in wait time for crews. And you can bet this will get passed onto you.

Book your kitchen or bathroom renovation well in advance

If you're planning to renovate over the Christmas holidays, book as soon as possible. A lot of tradespeople are likely to go on holidays over the Christmas period as well, and the periods either side of the holidays are likely to be busier than ever.

Serendigity - Flickr

Get your airconditioner serviced - or book an installation

One of those things people only ever consider when the road's melting under their feet. If you've ever been to an appliance shop on a sweltering day, you'll have seen the unhinged desperation written all over the faces of the people queueing to buy an airconditioner and book an installation at any cost. worse, the installation usually doesn't happen for at least another week. So if you want an air conditioner (or even just a service), we'd definitely recommend that you get this out of the way now!

Spring cleaning

The worst of the bad weather's gone, so it's the perfect time to unleash the hose and do all of your once-every-six-months / once-a-year cleaning tasks. Time to clean and re-oil your deck, wash down your walls, and give your windows and window frames good wash.

zevveez - Flickr

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