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The Block's Caro and Kingi share their tips for saving online

Hailed as the ‘King and Queen of budgeting’ by Scott Cam on Channel 9’s The Block, Townsville couple and master renovators Caro and Kingi know how to stick to a budget.

The couple now finds themselves in the midst of their own dream renovation, but this time their budget was all on them!

The couple regularly turned to Renovator Store for their fitting needs, an experience that proved both easy and successful for them, in addition to saving them thousands of dollars.

There are a few things to be wary of when buying from online stores, as the couple points out below:



Make sure you follow these guides before buying renovation goods online:

Are the prices displayed?

“Are the prices displayed?” asks Kingi.
“If they’re not proud of their price, it’s likely they’re a waste of your time.”

In stock

“Make sure the business actually stocks the product. Many websites are not product companies; they’re just selling products from other companies which means they probably don’t stand behind the products that they sell.

“Check they have it in stock, and it it’s in Australia ready to ship,” says Caro.


“All the info that you need to buy should be on the screen. And you should be able to call the company to discuss the products. If not, then just move on,” says Kingi.


“Look for free or reasonable shipping costs. Some websites actually try and profit from shipping, while others offer it for free,” says Caro.

Easy returns

“Look for generous return policies. If you want to be able to touch and feel the product and return it for any reason, you should be able to,” says Kingi.


“Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bargain basement types of sellers with low quality or non-compliant products. If it looks too cheap, then it probably is a waste of your time,” says Caro.


“Look for online stores that use a third-party review platform so that you can read what others think,” says Kingi.



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