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Savvy Storage Space Saving Solutions

Finding sufficient storage solutions can be the root of all evil in your cosy home. Efficient storage can be the difference between a cluttered and dysfunctional kitchen verses one that is both aesthetically pleasing and designed to enhance the ease of daily chores. Not just within the kitchen but also around the house there are many small and hidden spaces that can be turned into clever storage solutions. Some storage ideas double as visible interior designs whilst others are hidden away behind secret cupboards and above the eyes’ view.

You’ve just blown your budget tenfold in order to acquire your perfect inner city apartment yet you can hardly see out through double glazed windows to the penthouse view because your tables are stacked sky high with books  and you have keepsakes lining every spare shelf. It’s time to de-clutter your life and maximise the space that you have.

Wall space

Blank wall space, although in accordance with the ‘minimalist’ look, are the biggest waste of storage potential. By building a few DIY floating shelves you can soon have your entire library on display and at arms reach when in need of a good read! And don’t feel like you can't achieve that minimalist look if you install a few floating shelves – you can even exaggerate the minimalist style by purposefully only half filling these shelfs, gaining bonus storage space without abusing the extra storage opportunity.

floating-shelf-storage-kitchen-lounge floating-shelf-storage-kitchen-lounge floating-shelf-storage-kitchen-lounge  floating-shelf-storage-kitchen-lounge


Add a mezzanine

Depending on the height of your ceilings, loft-type mezzanines can double your floor space whilst adding quirk and character to your home. Have you considered adding a floating floor 3 metres above and shifting your bed and wardrobe upstairs? If there’s enough room, move your desk upstairs as well, opening the space below for living and ‘laxin.

mezzanine-storage-space-saving-renovation mezzanine-storage-space-saving-renovation mezzanine-storage-space-saving-renovation mezzanine-storage-space-saving-renovation

Island Bench Storage

Your kitchen island bench is exploding with kitchen storage opportunities. From wine bottles to hidden seating, it is imperative that you incorporate some sort of storage solution within your island bench.

The kickboards of kitchen and even lounge room benches can be quite easily transformed into secret drawers. Whether it’s to store your valuables or even just the encyclopaedia-like instruction manual for your thermomix that you need once every blue moon, kitchen kickboard drawers are possibly the best use of kitchen space that we’ve ever come across.

Other island bench storage solutions include incorporated wine bottle racks, a built-in drinks fridge or a hidden bench seat that when out of use, can be pushed in and seamlessly blend in with the remainder of the bench cabinetry. If anything, make sure you include a few push-open cupboards beneath the kitchen stools to store large platter, vases and un-used kitchen appliances.

island-bench-kitchen-storage-solutions island-bench-kitchen-storage-solutions kitchen-island-bench-storage-bench-seat


Perhaps the most versatile piece of lounge room furniture, ottomans can be a lot more useful than what first meets the eye. Not just a prop for raising the legs after a long day at work, an ottoman can double as an emergency stool if you run of seating for guests. It can double as a side table beside the couch to rest your tray of tea and treats. It can even open up and be your best-kept storage secret. Store your trashy mags, rainy day blankets and latest season of Friends DVDs. Even hide your TV remote inside when your partner is desperate to flick over to FoxSports News. Or then again you could convert it into your pooches sleeping quarters…


ottoman-poof-storage-seating-lounge-interior-design ottoman-poof-storage-seating-lounge-interior-design



Door Hooks

Of the cheapest and easiest storage solutions is the addition of some simple hooks on the back of doors. There’s always something that needs hanging whether it be your broom, bath towel or freshly ironed shirts. A dirty laundry bag on the back of your bedroom door could help you to keep your dirty socks off the floor and make it much easier to find the clothes you are looking for when you’re running ridiculously late on a monday morning. Hooks on your pantry door can store your tea towel and aprons. Hooks on your study door could hold your charging cables and extension cords. Hooks on your bathroom door will always be occupied with bath towels and robes. Excess hats and coats always need a place so never be afraid of attaching too many hooks!





Fold down desks, extendable dining room tables and pantry wall organisers are a few other ideas to maintain a tidy and efficient home environment! Good Luck!

One thought on “Savvy Storage Space Saving Solutions”
  • Beatrice Stoddard
    Beatrice Stoddard March 8, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    Gorgeous ideas! I'm renovating my mother's house now and these are some great ideas for organizing the storage space. Love all the suggestions. Thanks for the inspiration!

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