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Secret, savvy study nooks

In this day and age where life is becoming more technologically advanced and less focused on paper, the need for a home office with 3 filing cabinets storing 5000 bills and records is diminishing. One laptop is now all you may need to store all your bank statements, phone numbers and everyday information.

Home study areas are now being turned into extra bedrooms, home cinemas and kids retreats whilst the spare cupboard next to the pantry is providing ample opportunity for your home office requirements. Are you looking for a space to squeeze in your space-savvy study nook? Look no further!

So where to place your study nook? There are many nooks and crannies around most homes where a desk can be fitted and power point installed to make the perfect home study hub.




A popular place to install a study nook is in the dead space under the stairs. Often this area is used as a powder room, cellar or storage closet however with a little bit of lighting and cabinetry, it can also make the perfect study! The area under the stairs in no way has to be a dark and gloomy area. If building or renovating, consider installing a window if possible as this will lighten up the area and make it more inviting and appealing to work at. If natural light is not possible, ensure that good lighting is installed, especially if you see yourself being stuck at the desk for hours, reading endless documents.

Study_nook_renovator_store_home_office Study nook_10

Depending on the openness of your under-stair study nook, tidiness may also be a priority. Floor to ceiling space should be taken advantage of to ensure you have sufficient area to hide away your clutter and preserve your desk space as a blank canvas. If you are able to install doors on the area, it will enable you to shut away your mess however this is not always the case as it may impinge on your adjacent room.

study_nook_under_stairs_renovator_store study_nook_under_stiars_renovator_store

Like a shutoff under-the-stairs study nook, a cupboard can also prove to be a successful and very handy small home office. Mess can be made throughout the day and shut off at night to be forgotten. Retractable doors are very handy as they can be opened up to portray a permanent study or shut closed to depict nothing more than a cupboard. If opting for the study cupboard, ensure sufficient power points are installed and appropriate lighting for the needs of your study requirements. Do not fill in the under-desk space as this will be needed for a compact study seat that can slide under and out of view.



study_nook_cupboard study_nook_cuppboardd

The kitchen can be the ideal abode for a study alcove. Often acting as a family command pad, the study kitchen can provide a desk for telephone calls, home for the family calendar and storage of school, uni and work documents and day-to-day brochures and paperwork. The beauty of study nooks positioned in and around the kitchen is the ability for family affairs to be organised whilst dinner is in the oven.


study_nook_under_stiars_renovator_storestudy_nook_kitchen study_nook_kitchenn


Even if you do little work from home – there is no reason why a study nook or station is not a necessity! Even to store your recipes, receipts, photo albums and to-do lists. A study does not need to house a computer, nor does it need to be fitted out with the latest filing cabinets and stationary. All you need is a pen, paper and clever use of storage.



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