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Security, Not A Choice But An Attitude!

Living in fear of burglars is something which none of us wants to do. However, there is no doubt that some properties are most at risk than others. So what makes this case, and does your home fall into the high risk category?

The Location

It is a fact that houses which don’t have another one looking onto them or they don’t have a burglar alarm system are more at risk from burglars. Properties which sit in shady or isolated streets are also tempting targets for anyone who wants to get their hands on other people’s belongings. Living in a bright, well populated street isn’t a guarantee that your house won’t be broken into to but it certainly helps.

The Neighbourhood

good_neighborAside from physical location of the house, also think about the area surrounding it. Is it a neighbourhood which thieves are particularly attracted to? A quick look online should be enough for you to get an idea of the levels of crime in your area. If you are paying a high insurance premium then this is another sign that the area has a reasonably high level of crime in it.

The Aspect

Does it give the impression of being the kind of house a thief would be interested in? This can depend on a variety of factors. Does it look as though it might contain a lot of valuables or does it look as though the owners leave it empty for long times? If you have never done so then now is a good time to walk up and down your street and see whether your property appears to stand out for any reason.

The Security

By increasing the levels of security you can make sure that passing burglars think twice before trying to break in. While there are a multitude of super anti burglar alarm and Security Systems, home security is also increased by due diligence and a bit of practical common sense.

And while your thinking were talking about spy cameras and laser lights and motion sensers, youd be surprised that security is as easy as a sensible key storage facility, or even the type of door handles you have.

[caption id="attachment_208" align="alignleft" width="150"]Key Safe wall mounted key safe is better then a pot plant![/caption]

Keeping keys are good and traditional and as long as household members are frugal enough to make sure no keys are lying around. Make sure you place keys in a key storsage rather than under the plant or the welcome rug. You may also consider, the mountain of choices that the new500-digital-silver Keyless Entry Technology has and about a thousand and one benefits you'd have. You can choose from fingerprint entry, to card or even a number pin. This way you'd never fear of someone aside from people who knows the pin or has a card or the right thumb print will access your abode.

And aside from all these, always remember, Safety is not a choice, Its an attitude and discipline that we always should have.