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Should you choose a black mixer tap for your kitchen sink?

One of the most used items in the kitchen is the sink and tap. Choosing a great kitchen mixer is a fantastic way to add style to your kitchen design. If you want an instant kitchen interior upgrade and you’re tired of that light or bright tones, why not go for a black mixer tap for your kitchen sink? Black mixer taps will add elegance to your kitchen.

Here’s a list of pros and cons of a black mixer tapware, to help you decide whether to choose a black mixer tap for your kitchen sink.

black mixer tap for your kitchen sink Photo from: UltraLinx

Pros of having a black mixer tap:

It adds instant style to your kitchen.

Because people are used to seeing brass, or chrome finished tapware, black tapware instantly adds that modern edge which can instantly liven up your kitchen space.

Versatile when it comes to colour palettes

Just like with fashion, black matches well with almost anything. When you buy a black tap, you won’t have a hard time matching it with your kitchen’s colour scheme.

Easy to find

Matte Black kitchen taps are easy to find and usually competitively priced. Renovator Store offers a wide range of black mixer taps for the kitchen sink.

Cons of having a black mixer tap:

Most matte black taps will fade over time

The colour of your tap may fade over time. To avoid this from happening, make sure you use a micro fibre cloth to wipe it every after wash.

Easy to scratch

As any matte black material, black mixer taps are easy to scratch. Make sure to remind your plumber to be careful when installing your tap to avoid scratches and dents.

You can’t use cleaners with chemicals or wax when cleaning black taps

You don’t want to leave any chemical stain on your matte black tap. Instead of using chemical or wax based cleaners, use a mild soapy water to clean it and make sure you dry it using micro-fibre cloth.

When buying a mixer tap, whether it’s matte black, polished, or chrome, you have to consider the pros and cons. But the cons shouldn’t stop you from achieving the look you want for your kitchen. Do your research or ask your supplier all the questions you have in mind to help you decide and have full confidence in buying your dream tapware!

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