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Simple kitchen renovation ideas that won't break the bank

Your kitchen is one of, if not the most used room in your home especially during the cooler winter months.

Kitchen renovations often seem daunting and expensive but there are many ways to renovate and revamp your kitchen without digging too deep into your back pocket. Whether you want to renovate your kitchen for your own personal enjoyment, for the prospect of improved selling price or a combination of the two – functionality and flexibility need to be kept at the forefront when planning.  Check out these great ideas to stretch your dollar without compromising taste or losing any 'wow' factor.

One of the fastest growing trends across the renovation industry today is for a kitchen to also act as a living room, dining room and entertainment space.  Very rarely are kitchens now built as an enclosed room with one door but instead, a large open area acting as the heart of the home.  As the central hub, your kitchen should be aesthetically pleasing and functional on a day-to-day basis.  If this is not the case, it's time to start renovating!

Add a Splash backtile_blue_splashback_kitchen_reno

An inexpensive yet highly effective way to breathe new life into your kitchen is to replace and update your old splash back. There is plenty of choice out there in splash back design with the main ones being tiles, laminate and glass. Recently, stainless steel sheeting with possible embossment has taken off for those wanting to create a more ‘industrial’ look. Before ripping off old tiles that may look tired, consider whether or not it is the tiles or the grout that is dating the appearance as replacing the grout may provide a fresh new look at minimal cost! Also, another alternative to ripping off old tiles is to paint over them; but in doing so, make sure you purchase a specialist tile primer and an enamel topcoat.

Add texture, colour and materials

kitchen_renovation_texture_contrastMix-matching a range of kitchen bench top and appliance materials is a great way to allow your essential kitchen furniture to act as art and sculptures in itself. Stainless steel has been trending in kitchen renovations for a few years now and it doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion. Practical, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing, stainless steel is a fantastic alternative to the usual stone and tile bench tops. When paired with a second texture such as wood or stone and a neutral palate of colours, your kitchen can be full of character through contrast and simplicity.

Splurge on one or two aspects

In every winning kitchen, there should be a wow-factor, or at least a combination of assets to produce the wow effect. Whether it be an electrifying feature light, an incredible bench top or a state-of-the-art appliance, choose something that will last forever and not fluctuate in and out of fashion. Your kitchen wow-factor does not have to be expensive. Simple gadgets such as pull-out herbs and spice racks, narrow cupboards to store chopping boards and tea towels or a magic corner cupboard, may be all the function a buyer is looking for. Be careful when splurging on a single item. Ensure that it truly is an economical investment that will serve its purpose long into the future.

Choose a style and stick to ittheme_kitchen_renovation_DIY

If you don’t know where to start with your kitchen renovation but want to get started, spend some time planning and choosing an overall theme that you wont get sick of in a years time. This theme can include colour range, aesthetic look and functionality. If opting for a laid back, organic-looking country feel, don’t spend hundreds of dollars on look-alike butcher block bench tops and farm house sinks when you can find these authentic products for next to nothing at country garage sales and market stores. The industrial kitchen look is still maintaining its most-popular kitchen look position after 2 years. If opting for this, choose simplistic, clean-cut and simple kitchen appliances and accessories and remember less is more. If electing a classic, fresh, white kitchen look, choose simple and bright lighting fixtures, minimal colour extravagance and a functional lay out. Finally remember to never skimp on functional storage solutions!

One thought on “Simple kitchen renovation ideas that won't break the bank”
  • Adem Bekar

    Great Post !! I have to say that If you want to make a great and attractive kitchen, then you should use the light colors. You should design the kitchen around you, mix and match any kitchen door, drawer front, kitchen cabinets and handles, to achieve a kitchen style

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