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Smart Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens are becoming the hub of well-designed homes, and one of the most important features for homeowners, renters and buyers. At the moment sleek and minimalist solutions reign supreme in modern kitchens, setting the stage for technological innovations and new striking designs. Regardless of whether your home is small or large, what you need is a storage-packed, tech-integrated, state-of-the art smart kitchen!

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Smart Looks

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Orderly and spacey kitchens always steal the show. The modern kitchen consists of high end gadgets and appliances that seamlessly blend into the layout, preserving the sleek minimalistic design but also achieving the much-needed practicality. 

An example of such an appliance is the induction cooktop. This product is preferable to a traditional gas stove as it is safer, faster and simply more energy efficient. I had a very positive experience with the service I called to install my euro appliances stove.


Make the Most of Your Space


When it comes to cupboards, drawers and pantries, maximising your storage space is always a top priority. Make the most of narrow, floor-to-ceiling cabinets by installing a pull-out pantry with multiple built in shelves. Maximise storage capacity in kitchen cupboards through use of carousels and swing-out units. Finally consider investing in a few wall storage units to against minimise bench space used. 


The Internet of Things 

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"The Internet of Things" is the theory that everyday objects will one day have internet connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. This means that kitchen appliances will one day have a say in what you should cook, purchase at the grocery store and so on. 

Although this idea seems remote and futuristic, in actuality we are much closer than we think. We already have high-tech touchscreen cooktops, smart ovens that can be controlled remotely via smartphone and even refrigerators that can warn you when you're low on milk!


Small Blessings

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It's often the small blessings in life that makes everything amazing. So why not invest in a smart coffee maker, which memorises your ideal cup? Or maybe instead a pan integrated with the iPhone, allowing you to easily monitor the heat and cook the most delicious meals?

Finally you could opt for a Prep Pad. It is essentially an electronic scale that helps you track your food intake via providing calories and nutritional breakdown for every single ingredient.


A New Order

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Smart kitchen design requires savvy planning, and a proper investment. The goal is to merge the impeccable functionality of latest tech marvels with the stunning design style. Remember your kitchen should be a place of comfort where you can kick back and relax, whilst also being able to double as an entertaining venue for friends and family. Just remember when designing your space that everything should have its place in the visual order of things, and be close at hand when you need it.