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Smarter Home Office Designs - The Holy Grail of Productivity

Most people dream about working from home and would be willing to make sacrifices in order for this dream to become a reality. People seem to believe that because they are no longer working in a grey and unpleasant office, they will suddenly become more productive. However, things are not always what they seem. More often that not, people working from home quickly realise that there home is a comfortable and pleasant environment which can significantly compromise their professional immersion. Luckily for them, with just a few smart home office design tricks you can easily eradicate this issue and significantly increase your productivity levels. 

Lots and lots of light!


As many of you may know, natural light is very important in relation to one's mental health state. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that a lack of light can reduce mood and diminish productivity levels, whilst an abundance of light can improve productivity. To remedy this, install the biggest windows you can afford. Additionally select the room in your house that gets most hours of light daily to be your home office. Great LED lighting will additionally help keep your office bright during all hours of the day. 



Another essential factor is peace and quiet. Ideally, to achieve this you would need no other people around to distract you. In actuality this is somewhat more challenging to achieve. To minimise the amount of sound coming to your office choose a room for your office that faces your backyard and not the street. Furthermore, it is also good for an office to be in a secluded section of your house. Last but not the least, remove any appliances that make too much noise from your office. For example, if you believe your printer to be too loud, try placing it in a room or a hallway adjacent to the office.


Office furniture and appliances

home office furniture

When it comes to the office furniture, it too can significantly affect your productivity. In order to work efficiently you need to mimic the conditions you would have in an actual office. You need to create an actual office workstation. As you will most likely spend many hours at your desk, make sure to purchase a comfortable, yet functional chair. Opt to purchase a new computer that is strictly for work purposes so you can easily avoid any potential distractions. If you were wondering, a television in office is a definite no.


The right color makes all the difference

home office color

Wall colour has the ability to affect your psyche. Basic behavioural psychology teaches us that we react differently to different colours. You can utilise this knowledge to improve your productive capacity. There is nothing more soothing than a pale yellow or baby blue colour, so painting your room one of these colours can help you relax and focus. 

In the end, there is no general equation for optimal office design. All of these are just guidelines and suggestions. Every person and house is different, yet a smart home office design is still achievable for everyone. All in all, you alone know your needs and preferences and we hope that these few tips will be of at least some assistance. 

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