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Solid Lever Door Handles - Your handy little helper.

Doors can let you into a room or a home. They can also keep you out.

Think about this the next time you finish a messy outdoor project. - You want to get inside and clean up as fast as possible. But the round door knob on your back door stands between you and your kitchen sink. You can't turn that knob with hands that are covered with garden dirt or engine grease right?

Solid lever door handlesCompared to door knobs, door levers are a good idea in a few different circumstances. They are friendly for gripping and are frequently decided on for homes where there are kids and aged folks who aren't in a position to grip handles with so much power.

Many people are throwing away their round door knobs because they are so hard to use. Young people with small hands can't grab them. Older people with weak hands can't turn them. They can be installed into adjoining rooms to allow easier access by those that are in a wheelchair or have other disabilities, such as arthritis, where a lack of hand strength can prevent opening a door. This gives them that once needed added assistance to operate in their home to be able to do things independently, and restore their sense of self dependence.

You don't have to twist or turn lever handles. You don't even have to grab them. All you do is press down on the handle's surface and push,  viola! - door opens.

Door lever handles allows you to open a door coming into your home from the garage with arm loads of groceries or other items where you don't have to use a free hand to gain access to your home. With the lever type door, very little downward pressure is needed to open and unlatch the door. You can push it open with your shoulder to gain entrance. This saves time and effort of setting items down to open the door, or needing assistance in getting the door open with your arms and hands full.

There are a number of options to be aware of when selecting door lever handles.  Style is a personal selection, but there are many practical features to consider:

  • What material and finish is best?  Lever handles are typically metal, and can be brass, alloy, aluminium, stainless steel , chromed, satin - the list is endless.  Stainless steel is generally regarded as the most durable, and is also the best choice for any sea-side environment to minimise corrosion.  Most handles are hollow in construction as metal is expensive.  If you want a solid feeling handle look for solid handles!  I recommend a brushed finish rather than polished so finger-prints and hand marks do not show up.
  • Do you need a privacy feature?  Great for bathrooms and bedrooms, a privacy switch on the internal side will lock the door.  It is not usually intended to be a high security lock, just a privacy lock.  Look for privacy locks that have a discrete emergency open function on the external side - this is important if a young child inadvertently locks them self into the bathroom.
  • Do you want to lock the door?  Some lever handles include a keyhole on the lever.  Others have a panel or separate escutcheon with a separate keyhole.  The separate keyholes usually control a second higher security latch (see mortice style locks), and usually need a specialist to install.  You also need to decide whether you want to be able to lock it with a key on both sides, or a key on the outside and a simple thumb latch on the inside.
  • Do you want a keyless lock?  Yes, correct.  There are lever handles that you can lock and unlock without a key.  It means you can leave your house without your keys.  these keyless lever handles can provide you access if you enter the right code, wave your security card, or present an authorised fingerprint.  They are highly reliable and can really change the way you provide access to your house.  No more hidden keys under the pot plant or handing keys to cleaners and tradesmen!

Also - just ensure when you are selecting lever handles that you get all the pieces you need.  Often stores charge extra for the faceplate for the latch, or the escutcheon for the key lock.  And its annoying when you are in the middle of installation to find you are missing what you need.

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