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Sourcing home fixtures and fittings without paying retail

Cosmetic renovations are the fastest and most economical ways to transform a house.  It is amazing what can be achieved with painting, new floor surfaces, non-structural improvements, and new fixtures.  However many cosmetic renovations get let down by selection of poor quality fixtures due to a limited budget.  No more!  You can get the highest quality contemporary fixtures to perfect your home without paying retail margins - you just have to know where to shop!

renovate_online_fittings_fixturesIt can be difficult to save much on building materials such as timber, concrete, bricks and paint - and it can also be difficult to save on trade labour.  But you can take control of what you spend on the fixtures and fittings that ultimately define your home.

You can save a lot on your Renovation by Shopping Online - but do your research!

You can perfect your house with eye-catching contemporary fixtures without paying the heady prices at your high-street retailers.  The answer is SHOP ONLINE - but be careful!  Shopping online has its advantages as you should not have to pay the traditional retail margins as you are not using the traditional retail infrastructure (car parking, heated showroom, sales person, coloured retail packaging and products on the shelf).  Just make sure you do your research and check for the following:

  • The online store is reputable and sizeable,
  • They have everything in stock,
  • They can despatch quickly and have free or reasonable shipping costs,
  • You can return items easily if they do not impress you or suit your project, and
  • The prices really are attractive vs what you would pay for equivalent quality at a retailer.

Avoid the bargain basement online stores, and the garage merchants with a website.  You want to know they are there to back up the product for the long term, carry spare parts, and are not just selling a line of discontinued products that they never expect to stock again.


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There is no need to compromise quality when shopping online

This is of course an area that I know well given I operate Australia’s fastest growing online building fixtures store geared to serve the Smart Renovator! There is a huge variance in price and quality when it comes to fixtures and fittings for the bathroom, kitchen, door hardware, and lighting. To make it difficult for the renovator, a higher price does not necessary deliver a higher value.  We know that most traditional retailers have to cover their traditional retail infrastructure costs in the product, and it can often be as much as 40% of the price!  They say "you get what you pay for" - so if you do not want to pay for traditional retail infrastructure then be a Smart Renovator and shop online!

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Avoid retailers that simply order the product when you order it

Have you ever ordered items at a retailer then they say "we will call you when it arrives and is ready to pick up"?  Sometimes it can be 3 weeks or more from the date you order it!  Many traditional retailers are just middle men that order an item at a wholesale price when you order it and pay the full retail price.  Even some of Australia's best known retailers in tap ware, lighting, and bathroom fittings will not have your desired items in stock - you buy them, then they buy them, and you wait for delivery!

Historically, Australia has had a very limited choice compared to Europe and North America in fixtures and fittings as the larger brand houses have really controlled the ranges and prices of what the high street retailers can offer.  New large online renovation retailers, such as, are GOOD NEWS for the Smart Renovator.   They have the purchasing power to go around these "brand houses" and source in bulk from the global marketplace.  This means they can introduce new and exciting designs and brands to Australia.

Of course remain diligent and ask all the questions about the specifications and quality of the product so you get exactly what you are after.


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Brands are not necessarily manufacturers

One thing most people do not know about fixtures and fittings is that sometimes many brands come from the same manufacturer. Often the brand is not the manufacturer as the brand house is primarily a marketing group and actually outsources manufacturing – so if you shop around you can sometimes get the same or similar item for dramatically different pricing.

Brands are usually not visible on fixtures like they are on appliances so it is a good way to save thousands on your renovation. Do not look for replicas, because many of them are not made to last or they really fall short of the real thing - just try to avoid ridiculous brand marketing premiums. Shopping online is the best option to get good deals as the cost of showrooms and their staff are not factored into the price, and usually you get the products a lot quicker, rather than waiting for the traditional retailer to order it from their wholesaler when you order it from them.

Selecting fixtures and fittings for your home

Go for timeless designs that are simple and consistent with the theme of the house. Making your fixtures into features, like installing an impressive industrial tap to be the centre-piece of your kitchen, can be value-adding.  However, if it is not likely to appeal to the majority of tastes then go for the timeless simpler design. Otherwise new buyers will be factoring in the replacement cost as a decrement to the purchase price.

Bathrooms have more fixtures and fittings than any other room in the house . . .

I really promote that putting in some feature lighting that makes a statement. Large pendants in the entrance hall, over a dining table or a kitchen island bench can really change a room – and you do not need to spend a lot of money to get some eye-catching lights. Try to find DIY light options that can replace existing lighting or plug into existing bases, as the cost of getting an electrician is often more than the light itself.

Consistent door hardware throughout the house is usually very noticeable. Modern brushed stainless steel finishes are popular - and on a newly painted door they look great.. Avoid "stainless steel finish" that is simply a finish or coating made to look like stainless steel - rings and hand traffic will scratch it off in a few years.   Once again, avoid the premiums of designer door furniture brands – go for the good looks without the price hike.

So jump online today at and find your exceptional fittings and fixtures for a fraction of retail price!


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