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Space-Saving Tricks for Small Kitchens

9 out of 10 households always wish to have more elbow room in the heart and soul of every families home - The Kitchen.

The kitchen is also one of the most renovated and used room in the house. Consider these space-saving tricks for small kitchens to get more room out of your kitchen.

Mirror Magic


A mirrored backsplash gives the illusion of more space. The idea is that it should be an extension  adjacent spaces to the kitchen

Arm less Chairs

Chairs without arms are easier to get in and out of when space is tight.

Think Vertical

Some kitchens are vertically blessed so instead of struggling for counter space for more storage. Store stocked and rarely used items in vertically placed storage. this way you get more counter space.

Contain Kitchen Clutter with Trays

Simple kitchen storage solutions

"Baskets and trays are very homey and useful, not just for carrying things but also to organize collections, Light wood and light walls also make it feel more spacious.

Consider pull out storage

Kitchen storage solution

Not only does it takes advantage of unused space but also maximizes cabinets, cabinet door panels and is a handy way to keep things organised.

Match Seating to Wall Color

A trio of backless stools can be slipped under  counters to save space. A unified color gives the illusion of continuity

Try Open Shelving

Open shelving helps spaces look larger than it is.

Design and Function

Kitchen storage solutions

A built in plate rack not only makes dishes and glassware used every day within easy reach but could also stand as a focal point in a dull wall or that space between the cabinet and kitchen counter.

Space Savers

Cabinet doors that slide open instead of swinging out takes up less room.

Twin Farmhouse Sinks

Modern white kitchen clean interior design

Two sinks side by side that one becomes a receptacle for dirty pots and pans while you keep working in the other. Try to make the sinks deep enough so you can't see the dirty dishes from across the room.

Pantry Essentials

In the pantry, organisation is best done through pullout storage that makes for easy cleanup and gives you that spacey minimalist look

Pop of Color

Painting the interior of kitchen cabinets a contrasting color. Aside from supplying a shot of color, it's a good way to set off some of the china.

Disappearing Cabinets

Hidden and streamlines cabinets helps clutter to disappear.

Remember! Your Kitchen, no matter how large or small, is still where the heart and soul of your family's home is. Make sure its clean and tidy and make sure there's always room for everyone.