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Why Choose A Thicker Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink?

Stainless steel is still the most popular material for kitchen sinks. Besides their high resilience against discolouration, they also look good and are versatile, durable, and sanitary.

A stainless steel kitchen sink has a contemporary appearance that’s classy at the same time. It never goes out of style and can be combined with almost any other material, color, or design.

It is also quite sensible to choose stainless steel for your sink because it is effortless to clean. Whatever scratches and nicks it gets over time can also be easily buffed.


A Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Is Thicker & Quieter

But more than its many features, durability is one of the best qualities of stainless steel. It is generally harder than brass, tough against rust, resistant to heat, and does not bubble or peel.

Now, while there are about thirty grades of stainless steel, S30400 (or simply 304) is one of the superior grades. In fact, the heaviest grade sink in the market is made of 1.5-mm 304 grade stainless steel, like Swedia’s. These sinks are therefore tougher and less likely to bend or distort.

Because it is thicker and heavier, a Swedia stainless steel kitchen sink reduces noise to a minimum even when pots and pans bang its surface. It also has underside baffle pads that further dampen sound.

Choosing a quiet sink is something that could be easily overlooked. However, a smart buyer will recognize that it is a splendid choice for modern homes with open floor plans because sound is easily carried to other areas of the house.


Handmade, With Rounded Corners

Aside from being durable, Swedia’s premium quality sinks are hand-fabricated, giving you true right angles compared to plunge-moulded ones. Being handmade also means a lovely brushed finish that adds chic to your sink.

In addition, rounded corners make stainless steel sinks easier to clean. Some will say that square-cornered or zero radius sinks do not really take much to clean, but over the years they really tend to gather grime more than rounded-corner sinks. Unless you have more time or more hands to do the cleaning, a stainless steel kitchen sink with rounded corners is still a better option.


Clean & Safe

Even so, stainless steel is a pretty sanitary material by itself, considered as the most hygienic among metals. This is important since the kitchen is where you prepare the food that goes into your body. The material has no pores or cracks, so there's no room for bacteria or mildew to form. Stainless steel also does not contain either lead or arsenic. This makes it less likely for anyone in your home to get sick from stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Swedia provides stainless steel kitchen sinks that are stronger, more durable, sanitary, and easy to clean. You may also check out Renovator Store's selection of stainless steel sinks.

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