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Starting To Play Golf? Here's How To Build a Practice Area In Your Yard

You have chosen to take up golfing but that doesn’t mean that you have to join a golf club, at least not right away. Building your own practice area in your yard may be a suitable alternative especially for a novice. If you are creative and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can create your own private golf spot. Here are a few tips on how to build such an area in your very own yard.

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Plan first

Begin with drawing up your plan. You can invest greatly and transform your yard into a golf course pretty easily, but as you have only starting playing the game that might not be the best option. We suggest starting small and creating course that can cover the basics you need to master first, like putting and chipping. When you get the hang of the game, and hopefully get hooked, you can always redesign your course.

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Use what you have

An important issue in designing your golf course is how big your yard is and how it is landscaped. You can easily bulldoze the entire thing and create a golf course of your dreams, but before you jump to that try seeing its potentials. Use the natural slopes and flat areas in your design.

If your yard is large and yet too small for creating all 18 holes, try being more adaptable. For example, you can create what looks like an ‘executive course’ which is great for beginners. It is smaller than a regular and thus it is perfect for those who need to focus on learning and improving their moves.

Again if there is no room for the whole course, executive or not, you can simply place a hole or a pop-up net and rearrange them for diversity. Be creative, find and place new obstacles to challenge your game, like repurposing the sandbox your kids don’t use anymore.

Invest in equipment

Instead of spending all of your money on your course, invest it in your equipment. That doesn’t mean that buying second-hand clubs is wrong, on the contrary. It is more important to do your research and find the clubs better suited for a beginner than whether they are used or not. And don’t forget the balls. You can buy a complete set of new ones or acquire some recycled ones which should be just as good.

Even a smaller yard shouldn’t be a problem if you buy a pop-up golf net. It is a practical tool for golf training as it develops your precision and aim as well as an easier way to trap the balls that missed the target. Shag bag may not be a necessity but it will make a boring task like picking up balls easier as well as more fun.

The invisible tool in the game of golf is definitely the lawnmower. It is your new best friend as your lawn will have to be at the top of its game so that you can be at yours.

Design your holes

Though you can practice your swings with a pop-up net, it is not the same feeling as with putting the ball into the hole. If you don’t want to dig holes in your yard, you can use cans, baskets or flags stuck in the ground to practice your shots. But if you do want to make holes, be careful and don’t choose a random spot in your garden. To find the right one all you need is a spot with reasonable drainage and a PVC pipe.

Remember that having your own backyard golf area means freedom. No wondering eyes and no long drives to the course. You can use any free moment of your day to practice your swings, without the pressure and in the comfort of your own home. To maintain it you don’t have to do much, just mow your lawn regularly to give your game ‘golf course’ conditions. Your equipment, such as the pop-up net, is not too hard to set up or put away, so you can start your game almost immediately. Enjoy the game and your new private course.

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