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Switch to LED for Safety, Efficiency & Savings

LED lights have been around for half a century now and in the past few years they’ve been shining brightly across most Australian homes. If you haven’t done it yet, the only choice left is to upgrade to LED today from halogen and incandescent globes, which are being phased out and harder than ever to find.


Why LED Lights Shine

It’s not surprising that LED lights quickly overtook those old globes, with LED being more efficient and using 80% less power to produce the same amount of light. LED is also easy to install, saves a lot on electricity bills, nearly maintenance-free, and super safe. For all these reasons, LED ultimately increases the value of your house.


LED is Easy to Install

A good quality LED light will last for decades if installed correctly. Many premium LED downlight kits come with a transformer and a standard power plug, so you can just simply plug it in if you already have sockets in your ceiling space. If not, an electrician can easily install them retrospectively.

led-transformer-and-plug Many LED downlight kits already have a transformer and a power plug.

LED is Safer

We all want to keep our families safe and protected from risks, and LED lights add to that protection.

Have you ever touched a halogen or incandescent globe after it is turned on for half an hour? It just burns, right? Unlike halogen that operates at up to 300 degrees or a 100-watt incandescent globe’s 120 degrees, LED lights are far safer as they typically operate at less than 40 degrees. That means the fire risk in your home is greatly diminished!

LED-down-light-heat-sink A larger heat sink dissipates heat better and extends LED light lifespan longer because of better LED chip protection.

Nonetheless, it is important to seek the quality of LED that you desire for your house. Premium LED lights have a glass lens and a metal frame with a good-sized heatsink, which dissipates the heat produced and protects the LED chip.

LED Saves You Money

Most households use more than 50% of their electricity on lighting. This means that switching to LED will save about 80% of this component, and with the dramatic changes in Australia's electricity costs this is a welcome saving!

Even with the upfront cost of purchasing LED lights and installing sockets (if you don’t have them), the electricity savings normally pay back this cost in less than 2 years—and even faster if the lights are on sale.


TIP #1: Choose Warm White

LED lights sometimes have a choice for light colour: warm white, natural white, and cool white. In almost all residential lights the warm white colour is the preferred choice. Because natural white mimics the midday sunlight it can be useful in work areas like bathrooms, laundries, home offices, and garages. Most people, though, still choose warm white as long as it is bright enough for their needs, since it is comfortable to the eyes and good overall for any part of your house.

TIP #2: Look for Premium Construction

Not all LED downlights are the same, and you must know which will give better benefits. Choose a LED downlight with a metal frame and casing, plus a glass lens. The durable metal frame and casing help to diffuse heat and so the life cycle of your LED downlights is extended. On the other hand, the glass lens is superior in terms of clarity, because it does not normally develop a haze, does not usually discolour, and is highly resistant to scratches.


TIP #3: Seek Lights With Larger Heat Sinks

A few degrees difference in the temperature of LED lights can materially affect the LED chip’s lifespan. It is therefore good to choose LED downlights with larger heat sinks because these are more effective at dissipating heat. Since the heat sink drains heat, size matters and is a major factor in improving the efficiency of LED lights.


Make the switch today to LED lights. Contact Renovator Store’s friendly service team anytime to discuss your lighting needs and preferences. Take advantage of our LED downlights sale while it’s ongoing.

Light up with LED!

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