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How to Take Good Care of Your Garden

We all know it can be tricky to keep your garden in top shape. Unless you're the ultimate green thumb you're always going to run into a bit of trouble here and there. Thats why I've compiled a list of handy tips and tricks that'll help you take good care of your garden in an eco-friendly friendly, sustainable and chemical free way.



Opt for Native Plants


Many people believe exotic and unique plants will ultimately make their garden better. While they may be bright in colour or emanate refreshing scents, they just mightn't been suited to the specific conditions of your garden. Instead, opt for native flowers and trees as they will already be suited to the temperature, soil and humidity. Not only will they be easier to care for, but they will also bloom more successfully. Overall use of native plants will leave you with a landscape many would be envious of.


Use an Automatic Watering System002

Setting up an automatic watering system is an easy way to keep your garden hydrated. It is important to acknowledge that they can sometimes be a little pricy, and can take some time and effort to get working, but they are ultimately an incredibly useful and arguably necessary purchase. Alternatively you could opt for a spray tank, which are perfect for spraying water out around your garden.


Use Mulch


You need to protect and nurture your plants, and mulch is an easy way to do this. It can help them withstand colder temperatures, and provide nutrients to support growth. The problem is that mulch commonly contains heaps of unwanted chemicals and pesticides which could negatively impact the environment in the long run. Therefore, choose to make your own mulch! By the time spring rolls around your plants will not only look healthier, but making your own mulch will also save your money!


Overall, your garden has the ability to influence your homes design and feel. Taking good care of your garden will require you to invest some time and money, but it the long run you will definitely reap the rewards. Hopefully these tips and tricks have helped you out!

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