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The 5 Must Have Tools For Your Renovation

Home renovation and demolition projects often leave homeowners wondering where to start, especially when it comes to proper tools. What exactly do you need when you’re ready to get going? When conducting a home renovation yourself, or with the assistance of friends and professionals, there are five tools every homeowner must have, especially during the demolition phase:

5 Must Have Tools For Your Renovation1. Power Drill: This incredibly versatile tool, in either cordless or corded format, is a great addition to any home renovation project. Power drills can act as drills, drivers, and hole saws, making them useful for a multitude of situations during your project. You can also attach steel brush heads for paint removal. Cordless formats give you mobility, while corded ones give you more reliable power. Choose based on the specifics of your project.

2. Pry Bars: For demolition and renovation projects, pry bars are an essential tool. They are used as levers to pry apart two objects or even smaller tasks such as removing nails. Pry Bars are most notably useful in renovation projects for decking, porches, and the removal of floorboards. The reason for why they are the best tools for these tasks is because it simplifies work by allowing the user to grab boards of timber with a lever action, which makes it possible to pry them loose.

3. Safety Goggles: Any home renovation project should done safely to minimize injury. The best item is safety goggles, especially for demolition projects where a lot of debris will be flying around. Choose safety goggles based on both fit and comfort, but be sure that they’re built to protect. If there are open seams or other gaps, they’re not going to do the job. The best option are harder glasses that seal completely around the eyes.

4. Electric Multi-Tool: Multi-tools have a wide variety of interchangeable heads and bits that perform many different functions. They can cut metal, such as stuck screws and nails, drill holes, be used as small-scale jigsaws, and grind sharp edges. Their versatility makes them indispensable on any home renovation project.

5. Handsaw: Sometimes, wood, drywall, and plaster can be difficult to remove or dispose when attempting renovations such as fitting lighting fixtures, demolishing walls as well as many other tasks. A handsaw is useful in cutting up large pieces into more manageable ones. A handsaw can also help loosen up tight boards that may not be prying loose quickly. Japanese-style handsaws are often easier to use because they cut on the pull stroke and have thinner blades that can conform to tight areas.

With the right tools, a home renovation project can go smoothly, quickly, and safely. Anyone undertaking such a project needs to consider their tools wisely. Improper tools will only delay a project or cause frustration during the process. However, choosing tools properly based on the project’s needs is key in ensuring a project's success. The five tools addressed above are must haves. They can help get any home renovation project started and completed in no time with minimal hassle and frustration.

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