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The Little Things that Matter

Ever went to a perfectly fitted kitchen then suddenly notice the rusty cabinet handles, or maybe be enjoying tea just to be startled by a door slamming because of the wind?

No matter how great your appliances are or how classy your counter or vintage chairs are, it's the little details that matter the most. As what they say, it's all in the details.

Here are the little details that would make your homes a better and safer place to live in.

Cabinet Handles

cabinetQuality is one of the most important aspects of any product. In relation, one can't forget the importance of quality cabinet handles in Kitchens and bathrooms. Good quality cabinet handles are good for long term uses and as well as adding charm and elegance to your kitchens and bathrooms.

Cabinet handles on the market come in either stainless steel, are an alloy that is coated to look like steel or a different finish. Aside from less chances of breaking, the benefit of solid stanless steel handles to cheaper coated handles is that the coating cannot wear off. Years of use and contact with rings on fingers can wear down the coating of cheaper handles exposing a different colour metal. Solid stainless steel are the same metal all the way through and much heavier.

Wall Plates

You wouldn't run your home's electrical wiring across the floor or taped along your baseboards, so why should your entertainment system wiring be any different?

3 speaker wall plate

Just as you run your house's electrical system behind walls and use simple electrical jacks, you can do the same with all your entertainment system wiring. Especially effective in wiring speakers for surround sound, wall plates can effectively eliminate the mass of wire strung along your baseboards where they can easily be tripped on or chewed on by the family cat.

Wall plates aren't just for wiring speakers though. Wall plates come in dozens of styles, allowing you to hide nearly all your cables neatly behind a wall. Many people these days are opting to mount their flat screen TVs up on a wall, above the reach of children's fingers. Wall plates neatly conceal the wires connecting your TV to your Blu-Ray player or game console, which looks great, and prevents them from being tugged on.

Door Closers

Most people never notice the importance of a door closer until the time you get awakened by you door slamming on a windy day or your kids' finger getting hurt in between the door.


Door closers are not as glamorous as locks. However, they are at the top of the list of builder's manual hardware products involved in product injury cases. They move objects (doors) weighing 75-200 pounds directly into the path of human beings. When improperly selected, installed, adjusted or maintained, they can generate impact forces sufficient to injure people or cause them to lose their balance and fall. Temperature changes also increase the hazard. A door swinging out of control can be especially injurious. Properly installed, adjusted and maintained door closers are safety devices that protect people and reduce the potential for injury. Not to mention they help in keeping the peace and quiet serenity of your home, free from door slams!

Door Stops


A small, often unnoticed piece of household hardware.  Aside from protecting the walls from scratches from the doorknobs, they also keep the push-in locks on the doorknobs from automatically locking themselves.

So the next time you renovate, always remember that its all in the details.

Happy renovating!


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