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Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

If you're in the market for a new home. You will notice that the houses that move are those that are priced well.

Today’s buyer is savvy and has done his research. Buyers also want a turn-key home that is immediately ready for them to move in and unpack.

What they don’t want are…

Foul Odour

pinterest keep kitchens clean when selling your home 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

Nothing is more of a turn-off than walking into a house that has a smell. Before selling your home, walk through with a friend, a real-estate agent, or someone you can rely on to give you an unbiased opinion. Get rid of the source of any bad odour as soon as possible. Pets are big culprits, especially cats. If you have a cat, kitty litters need to be cleaned as often as possible and kept, if possible, in a remote or out of sight location. Wall to wall carpeting can harbor bad smells as well, especially if pets are present in the home.  If you have a smoker in the family then everything could harbour that ash tray smell.  If your basement smells dank and musty consider purchasing a dehumidifier to clear the air of moisture and odours. Older bathrooms that never had an escape for sub-floor water, or old drains, can often smell dank after many years - and often the home-owner gets used to it.   Consider a simple diffuser with a fresh scent to mask the background smell. Pop some chocolate chip cookies in the oven, or maybe an apple pie.  While some smells are offensive to home buyers, some are very inviting!

Dirty bathrooms and kitchens

clean kitchens a must to sell your home yelp 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

Having a house on the market is tough. Especially when you have young children at home. If you don’t have time to clean your house daily, concentrate on your kitchen and bathrooms.  Consider roping off most off your house or confining everyone to a single living area, bathroom, and toilet - that way the cleaning required for each inspection is contained.  Phew!

Make sure floors are vacuumed and devoid of spills, crumbs and dirt. Make sure counters are wiped clean and that there are no dirty dishes in the sink. Don’t hide them in the oven for a quick remedy, house buyers are nosy and will look in your oven and any drawer or cabinet that can be opened! Keep a set of clean, dry towels on hand for the kitchen and bathroom for showing purposes.

Messy house

pinterest living room tidy to sell home 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

The average home buyer has a hard time looking past your clutter and mess. Simple, easy tasks, can make all the difference. If you have children you know that clutter happens.Try wicker baskets. They are inexpensive, efficient and look nice in your home. Invest in a few wicker baskets  as a quick way to stash toys when you don’t have time for an overhaul. Laundry is perhaps the hardest thing to keep on top of and is the most time consuming. Try to fold and put away your laundry on a daily basis so it doesn't pile up. In the kitchen and in the bathroom clear away bottles and containers. Bowls of fresh fruit and vases or pitchers of fresh flowers not only look pretty but often make a room smell lovely.

It might seem extreme, but clearing a lot of non-essential items into storage can significantly de-clutter a house.   It will look bigger and be a lot more organised - and that is what buyers are looking for.  They want a new home where they can be more organised and have more space than the last.  It is not a big expense to hire storage, especially if you are moving and need it temporarily anyway.

Poorly lit rooms

selling your home neutral colors 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

No one wants to enter a dark house, especially someone who wants to buy your home. If a house is too poorly lit they may tend to wonder what you are trying to hide. Replace dim or burnt out light bulbs with LED down-lights. They're highly efficient, economical and your buyers would love the thought of not having to change them for the next few years. If possible, pick up a few feature lights that will not only brighten your home but can add to your home decor.  There are easy to install (DIY in fact) feature lights that simply click onto a halogen downlight.   They can transform a boring room instantly at a small cost or provide a simple way to put pendants over your kitchen island bench or dining table.

If you have big windows, take advantage of them. Make sure they are clean and make sure that drapes and curtains are not blocking the natural sunlight.  When it comes to selling your room, lighting really can be everything.

Loud Walls and Busy Wallpaper

no wall paper when trying to sell home 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

Shhhhhh!! You wouldn't know if the person who ends up buying your home will have the same taste and style as you do. One decorates their home for living, and one should re-decorate their home for selling. When selling your home, remove yourself and your history from the overall picture. A home buyer wants to be able to envision him or herself in your home, not wonder about you, your lifestyle and your family. Tone down those bright and expressionist colours and save them for your next home.  Use soft neutral tones like creams and off-whites that can make spaces like lighter, airier and brighter.

Busy bushes

well maintained outside of home pinterest 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

Nothing is more unwelcoming than pulling up to a Haunted House! Make sure your yard is well mowed, all bushes and hedges are trimmed. If you can, add or fix up your landscaping with fresh or potted plants. Green grass is a major plus - but do not fertilise the day before inspection as your yard will smell extremely organic.  Plan ahead and fertilise a few weeks out so your grass is greener.

The outside of your home is the first thing that will be seen. Let it be a great reflection of you and a great indication of what’s yet to be seen on the inside. Consider some inexpensive presentation upgrades to your exterior install some contemporary stainless steel house numbers as well as a new modern mailbox.  Having this kept will allow the new owner to appreciate how much less work he/she has to do.

Wall to wall carpeting

wall to wall carpeting 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

If you can, please remove old carpet that covers hardwood floors. These days home buyers are typically looking for hardwood floors throughout - and they will be wondering how many years of dead-skin cells and dust mites they will inherit in any old carpet.  Even if they aren't in the best of shape, hardwood floors are much more appealing than wall to wall carpeting. If you can’t rip out the wall to wall, please have it professionally steam cleaned.

Neglected entryways

entryways selling home 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

Your entryway is the first impression that potential buyers see of your house.This is your greeting card. Let it be warm, friendly and welcoming. A simple bouquet of flowers, it need not necessarily be elaborate, makes a lovely statement. Clear out closets, and make sure that stray shoes and other items are neatly put away. Have a surface, whether it’s a table or simply a shelf, giving a place to put keys, mail and anything else that belongs near door. Any potential buyer would love an entryway mirror. It lets them reassure themselves that they do look as presentable as they did when they checked themselves over out in the car.

Your pets


pet house 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!

May people are allergic. Many children are scared. Some people wonder if they will inherit your pet's hair on the carpet.  Please keep your pets away from your home whenever possible.

via tumblr garage when showing your home leave 10 Things Home Buyers Hate About Your Home!


You may think that your a good conversant and that you know your home like no one else, but a potential home buyer simply does not want you there, or anywhere nearby. If you remain at home they won’t stay, they won’t linger and they won’t take their time to look around to get a proper look and feel. You will not be doing yourself any favors by remaining at home. Leave the selling to your real estate agent, that’s why you've hired them after all!