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Why It's Time to Indulge in a Heated Towel Rail

There is no better feeling than jumping out of the shower into a dry, soft, warm towel. A heated towel rail provides the utmost luxury at little cost and is able to make your early morning routine that much more tolerable.

square tube heated towel rail on bathroom wall

The extra beauty of a heated towel rail as well as warming up your towel is that it will dry your towel for you too so you will never have to pick up a damp towel again.

Heated towel rails will also keep your bathroom warmer, reducing your energy bills by avoiding the need to turn on your heating system and they can also be used to hang items of washing to dry.

towel warmer with two pink towels

Do I get a plug-in or hardwire?

Most heated towel rails come as a hardwired option, plug in with cord or sometimes battery operated. If doing a serious renovation, it is advised to get your heated towel railed hard-wired as it will look more professional and hide power cords and electronics. This, however, requires the work of a licensed electrician.


If you are simply replacing your old towel rail with a new one, a plug-in is the easiest option, however, make sure you do not have power cords close to water or along the floor as tripping hazards.

Aguzzo matte black heated towel rail

When purchasing, it is important to take into consideration the energy costs associated. Different towel rails will provide different heat at different energy wattage. Be aware of the material that your towel rail is made out of as some will convey and retain heat better than others making them much more energy efficient. Stainless steel towel rails will hold their heat very well.

Also, be aware of the sizes available, some towel rails will only fit 2 standard sized towels if folded which will inhibit their ability to dry.

woman with baby in bathrobe and towels after washing and spa has heated towel rails, all of which are of highest quality and most competitive prices. Made from quality stainless steel in both square and round designs, the Aguzzo heated towel rail range are some of the best value on the market!

Read up on the details of selecting a heated towel rail.

aguzzo round freestanding heated towel rail



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