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Tiny Apartment Renovating Tips

Nowadays, most of us don't have the luxury of grand and spacious houses let alone working that far isn't as easy if your working on a prime location.

Due to both financial and proximity reasons, most of us find ourselves in rental apartments.

If you look at it, living in an apartment rental doesn't mean you can't live in comfort and style. here are a few Tiny Apartment Renovating Tips for renovating your own piece of borrowed space.

underbed_storageFor the sleeping area, most people think that dressers are an essential. Truth is that the top of the dresser actually just ends up as a dropping zone for your trinkets. Instead of taking precious floor space, try under-bed compartments to store clothing.

Nightstands are really for placing water, some books and an alarm clock. Instead of occupying more floor space try mounted shelves - classy brilliant and space savvy.


tailored_couchWhen space is limited, everything has to have more than one purpose. Save space with hidden storage beneath the seats. or a pull out pantry on that small space between the fridge and the wall.
In a tight floor plan, it is tempting to pick everything small scale but this only emphasizes tiny proportions of the room. Big furniture makes a small room seem grander. You could also choose tailored furniture that can accommodate many people but doesn't waste space with details.

dark_colorsWhile many are hesitant to use a darker paint for fear of making a room look "closed in," the right color can make a room cozy, not claustrophobic.



With all these aesthetic tips to consider, you may get too excited when renovating your apartment. Consider creating a plan and getting the help of a builder. It is expected that you are also living aside from renovating this space to be your own for quite sometime, so a well planed renovation and a well picked and thought about builder can still make your small space a desired home.

When choosing a builder or a joiner, pay attention to quality and try not to base your decision on quote price alone or it may end up more expensive in the end.

Remain vigilant with your builder. When problems or concerns arise, deal with them quickly.

Try and visit the site every day.  Builders are there early so drop in before work.  You are bound to discover something not going to your plan or expectation, and a simple daily catch up can mean you address it upfront, rather than when its too late

Do your homework. Spend your money wisely, get a list of needed fixtures such as lighting and bathroom accessories or even your kitchen taps and towel rails . Do your own searching. If you don't have time to search on flea markets or vintage shops because of your busy schedule, try online shops like .  You'd be surprised that most PC(Prime Cost) items may actually be at a fraction of it's costs, compared to stores nearby - and you get to save both on time and effort of going from shop to shop.

Knowing key items that are worth the space is key to making the most out of your first space that looks and feels like home.

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