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Tips on Designing a Home Office

Working from home has become wide spread. With the growing economy and the lack of space in big and small companies, many people decide to turn to their homes and make a home office. Let’s face it – renting a space for your small company can be costly and you can save much by simply using the space you already have at home. There are many advantages of working at home, but maybe the best thing is that you can organise your time as you like it. However, having a home office can also means that you can become unproductive and get easily distracted. So in order to solve this potential problem, here are some ideas to consider when designing a home office.


Make the space big

People usually think they can simply put a computer desk in their bedrooms and there they have it – a home office. Be realistic – a home office demands just as much space as a real office. If you have a guest room or a home gym – turn it into an office. You will need space to put a desk, a shelf for documents, a sofa and chairs for your clients, so do not sacrifice form for function.custom-home-office-design-amp-organization-space-envy-maryland-1581

Invest in quality furniture

Think of how many hours you will spend in your office. If you want to have normal working hours – from 9 to 5, that means having to spend at least seven and a half hours in one place. And there may be times also that you will work late, so you will need a comfortable chair. Do not be afraid to invest in a quality executive office chair – you will realise on your first day how useful it is and every penny invested will pay off.

imagesPaint the office

It is true that colours can affect your mood, so use this as your advantage. Instead of leaving the walls of your guest room as they are – with flowers and ugly shapes – paint them into colours that can inspire you. Many people do not seem to realise that bright colours can sometimes kill the mood and that what you need in an office is simply a touch of green, orange or yellow to get things moving. Discover the magic of colours and make it work for you.

under-stairs-space-savingA place to rest your eyes

Do not console yourself that if you look into a wall you will not get distracted. Watching a computer screen for hours without rest can make you more tired than you really are, so you will need to find a place you can rest your eyes upon. You can hang a painting or put your desk facing a window. This way, you will remind yourself to make short pauses and your eyes will rest more frequently.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting is always the best. However if your room does not have a big window you can hire commercial builders to make a window and you will not have to pay extra money for electricity. When winter comes and there is not much light coming from outside, invest in a desk lamp and ensure you have ceiling LED lighting, so that your eyes do not get worn out.

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And finally, besides having all these things in your home office, you will have to remember that you have to make the working atmosphere sharp to get you going – set your working hours in advance, take some time for lunch, and make it a habit. Organise your life, as well as your office, and enjoy that you are working. That is, after all, the secret.

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