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Traditional Australian Designs - Stylish Tips and Tricks

Through years of geographical isolation, Australia has truly become one of the most unique places on earth. Its landscapes and wildlife are a perfect example that everything in Australia is completely endemic and autochthonous. Still, it is important to mention that Australian civilization did not come out of nowhere and the strong European heritage can be seen in almost every pore of our culture. This also applies to Australian design. However, seeing as one can best learn on example, here are some tips and tricks on how to arrange your home in a traditional Australian design.

Energizing room

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The most important thing about any room is for it to beam with energy, but achieving this is never an easy task. Start by painting your walls light blue, or blue-gray. Calm and refreshing neutrality of these colours will make it easy for you to further accessorise (and thus energise) walls with pictures, paintings or ornaments. Some of the best combinations are made when you also try to implement golden yellow, pink or even orange to the mix.

The choice of furniture

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When it comes to traditional Australian design, timber furniture is simply second to none. Reasons behind this are quite obscure. It might have something to do with traditions stemming from the first settlers on the continent in the late 18th century. Be as it may, this only makes your job so much simpler. However, why not take this one step further and use only genuine Australian timber in your furniture. Tasmania's blackwood, blackheart sassafras, celery top pine and huon pine are always in great demand because of their outstanding quality. This claim is only further supported by the fact that even some musical instruments are made from these kinds of timber.

Take care of the floor

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As for the floor, your options are quite numerous, still as always two most obvious ones are a hardwood floor and tiles. The advantages of hardwood floor are that it is aesthetically completely unparalleled and by installing it you will achieve a truly unique impression. As for tiles, the best thing is that there are so many designs that you can always find something you like out there. Furthermore tiles are quite inexpensive and easy to maintain. However, regardless of which one of these two you chose to go with, your floor can always be enhanced (as well as made more practical) by adding a stylish rug to the mix.

A touch of botany

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There is nothing that symbolizes Australia more than the great outdoors. Why not honor this bond by decorating your home with some of the autochthonous Australian plants. First, make a choice of a nice vase. Usually the best idea would be to go with a transparent one made from hand-blown glass. Next, add some seed pod branches and watch your room come to life. Apart from this, another great idea would be to add a tiny eucalyptus tree in a vase and create a genuine harmonious oasis out of your living room.

In the end, like anything that is worth in life, transforming your residence into a traditional Australian home is never an easy task. However, where there is a will there is always a way and just by following these few simply stylish tips and tricks you will be well on your way to create a genuine Australian manor.

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