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Turn a bathroom into a Nature Retreat

One of the latest trends in bathroom design is Nature.

IN:      Natural finishes, stone, timber, water, plants, and serenity.
OUT:  bright porcelain, shining chrome, gleaming tiles, and flashy lacquered cabinets.

The bathroom is now a place to retreat and relax. It is not just about cleansing the body, but now about cleansing the mind too.  Check out what the latest trends are in bathrooms.

natural finishes for the bathroom cleanse your mindTo achieve this coveted retreat in your bathroom you need a private space and a touch of nature.  Avoid clinical gloss white porcelain and sterile white cabinetry and seek stone and timber finishes, and earthern tones.  Bright coloured shiny tiles, glitzy super-bright lighting, lots of flashy chrome fixtures, and too many mirrors can also dilute the organic feel you are after.  Here are some simple ideas to bring Nature into your bathroom:

Bathroom window onto garden



Natural light and fresh air

A window to a private garden is perfect, but a lot can be achieved with indoor plants too. The Japanese themed bathroom is popular - and it is easily achieved with a timber shower base and a pot of bamboo. Timber can be inexpensive and provide a great contrast to a stone wall.

Fresh air and natural light is a a huge attraction for a bathroom - so make your windows as large as possible and openable if possible.







bamboo basin and tapAvoid porcelain and shiny surfaces

Water-tolerant timber can be used on the wall and floor as a feature, and can even be used as a basin or bath. Consider timber cabinetry rather than gloss paint. Also, hand made Bamboo Basins are a fantastic feature and contrast beautifully against dark stone. Their smooth finish and natural grain patterns are a piece of natural art. The highly replenishable nature of bamboo means its an environmentally friendly addition to your retreat as well.



Bathroom trend = Stone and more stone

using stone in the bathroom

Natural stone walls and stone tiles and facades are popular.  Large format stone tiles can preserve that modern geometric design, or you can even utilise real stone in a number of ways to complete a wall. Ceramic tiles that look like stone or washed concrete are popular. The earthern tones are calming and neutral helping you clear the mind.

Timber cabinetry and flooring can contrast perfectly with both lighter and darker stone walls and features. And a white basin or a stone basin on a timber bench top will always be timeless. As bathrooms are all about bathing, consider more natural ways to use water.






bathroom design features of wood


Rain shower head - squarewaterfall bath spout spills a cascading flow of water into your bath or basin rather than an artificially aerated spray from a modern mixer. And Rain Shower Heads are a great way to shower with the pleasure of soft rain-like droplets from above. Also, a wooden Japanese water bucket and scrubbing brush can also be a natural feature in your bathroom that can help you save water by utilising it when you wash.





The contrast is something important to consider. Stone on timber, or timber on stone are great contrasts that exude nature. And even the clinical presence of white porcelain might be forgiven if it is embraced in a softer more organic surround.

stone basin with bathroom mixer white bath on timber floor

timber bathLighting is important and a skylight brings natural warm light in during the day. Strategically positioned, and it can also provide a peaceful window to the sky when you are lying in the bath to watch the clouds drift past. Candle lighting is a great way to soften the mood and really relax at night. Consider warm white down lights that can be dimmed - and make sure they are LED so your little natural retreat is environmentally friendly too! Separate spot lighting can be used for basins and mirrors for when you need them.

Do not forget your sense of smell. Aromatherapy is a great way to influence your manner and calm your nerves. Have your favourite oils handy with a candle burner, or use a diffuser. It can really complete the transformation to a natural retreat.

Image credits to:

  • The Pursuit Aesthetic
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