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Update Your Rental Without Breaking Your Lease or the Bank

Not everyone has the luxury of having their own place. With renovations being a common thing in Australia, people renting are faced with the dilemma of how to renovate in a non-permanent basis putting into consideration that the place isn't entirely theirs.

childs room

If you're renting an apartment for some years now or simply stuck with a theme that's totally not your style, and it being a rental limits you not doing anything permanent. Here are some ideas to refresh in ways that are mostly on the cheap and won't challenge your lease agreement.

Dingy grout facelift 

There's a tool called a tile grout coating applicator. It looks like a shoe polish applicator Just tape the paint over your bathroom floor tile, wait 4 hours, then wipe away the excess and your floors are like new.

Get your carpet (really really) clean. 

Either do it yourself or hire a cleaner to do it for you, cleaning the carpet provides an instant refresh and facelift to any room.

Touch up the walls. 

KitchenAsk your landlord for the colour paint that was used when you moved in (it’s incredible how many different kinds of hues a single primary colour can have) so you'd know what color to use without having to paint the whole apartment.

Dress up your windows

White plastic blinds that come in every rental aren't always the nicest. Pull them down (they can go back up when you move out), get new drapes or even a fabric and make some DIY roman shades. You can buy a set if you’re not super-crafty.

Switch out light fixtures.

For bedrooms, wake up the theme to something a little nicer by simply changing your light fixture. If your rented property has a dangly brass fixture that normally comes with the place, Instantly brighten them up with Pendant lights. They're not at all pricey, yet provide an instant lift to any kitchen, living or bedroom. And the good part is, you could always put back the old fixture that came with it for when you leave. Do remember to hire an electrician to replace it.

Add new hardware

cabinet handlesChanging the door handles and drawer pulls would make a difference.
Most cabinet handles that originally come with the kitchen are usually the old and mildly hideous. You can grab new cabinet handles and it would completely transform the room. Those can easily go back when you move out, or the landlord can keep mine since they cost so little.

Declutter, add lights, take off a couple of the upper cabinet doors. All will make it feel lighter and more open. Get an over-door towel bar for the cabinets under the sink and hang some pretty hand towels.