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Upgrade Your Door Furniture By Replacing Those Door Handles

We often snub little things, including door hardware. But what’s a squeaky-clean bathroom, enhanced room lighting, or new wireless security system, if you don't replace those grimy, rusting, peeling door handles?

Time To Change Door Handles

Don’t fret if you see a broken or corroded door handle that is just about to fall off anytime. That is your go-signal for an upgrade! Quick check: Mark all that applies to your door handles below:

  • Tarnished exterior
  • Rusted areas
  • Coating is peeling off
  • Loose or broken
  • Faulty mechanism
  • Chipped / nicked surface
  • With thick grime
  • Old / worn out
  • Door knobs
  • Old-fashioned
  • Does not match interiors
  • Lost keys

One reason is enough to replace your door handles, but if you marked two or three, you need to upgrade shortly. If there are more than three – do it now!


Door Handle Functions

Door handles help you open and close doors, so it is vital to upgrade to ones that work perfectly for a longer time. Get more durable handles that are manufactured from quality materials, those that are a perfect match for your home design, and built with excellent architectural features.


Hansdorf combines durability, functionality, and design. Its solid construction gives that European car door feel. The superior stainless steel material is great for coastal environments. It has no coating that will scratch off with use (like brass, chrome, or nickel). There are door handles for various uses:

  • For your interior doors, a non-locking passage door handle that includes a latch set,
  • For bathrooms, a door handle with a privacy button (lockable from inside the room),
  • For the front/entrance door, a handle with security mortise lock and key cylinder, and
  • A dummy set, which is a fixed handle without a latch (used on cupboards).

Door Handle Designs

Door hardware are utilitarian, but they are also part of your decor. Your interior door handles can add charm to any room, and a designer door lever handle on your entry door can instantly impress anyone.

To enhance your door, Hansdorf has a variety of door lever handles, some with soft-looking round roses and others with square roses with bold edges. Delf has door handles on long plate.


If you want an uncomplicated design that exudes clean interiors, you will want a round tube lever handle that rests smoothly in the hand.


If you have a modern styled home, you should go for a bolder look (Zara or Kudos series).

Some may choose Kaiser’s ergonomic curves, which is a comfy fit to your hand. If you prefer a soft, fluid design, a Royce door handle is the way to go.


All these have a timeless brushed finish that is easy to clean and does not distract from the room décor.

A change of door handles is like an instant makeover for door furniture. Renovator Store is proud to stock Hansdorf contemporary door handles, with options for heavy duty latches, privacy latch, and escutcheons (for a mortise lock). Another smart choice is the trusted Delf brand, with its wide range of handles that’s good for customization.

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