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6 Things to Consider When Using Self Storage

Self storage is the system by which people rent out containers or units to store their possessions. Therefore self storage is absolutely perfect for storage of items during a home renovation. It helps you free up space around your home, allowing tradesmen to get the job done faster, and also ensures belongings are securely packed away, preventing accumulation of dust and debris. But before you choose a company here are 6 key things to consider when using self storage.



Before You Start

Before investing a self storage service do your research. Check out the numerous online forums and blogs that offer advice and opinions. Also investigate in the full range of services available from mobile to warehouse storage.


Box Everything Up


Not only will this protect your valuables but it’ll make the shifting process much easier. Some self storage companies even offer a loading service where your pre-packed boxes are loaded into the container. Honestly, it doesn't get much simpler than that.


Invest in Quality

Obviously you want your goods to come out as they went in. Therefore choose a reputable company that provides a high quality service. Overall, better to be safe than sorry.

Account for Changes in Timeframe

People often underestimate how long a renovation project will take. Therefore they may find that they haven't secured storage for the entire length of their renovation. Just make sure your company is flexible with extended or cutting your storage time.


Go Mobile


Door-to-door self storage options can be incredibly handy during a renovation. Mobile storage containers are delivered to your door, your items are packed securely inside, and the container is driven away to a secure storage facility for as long as you need, with flexible access. When your renovations are complete, the container is delivered straight back to your doorstep. Seriously, what could be easier?


Safety First


Opt for a company that uses alarm systems, CCTV monitoring and security staff. Also ensure they have significant pest controls in system to prevent damage to your belongings.

So hopefully now you understand the benefits of using self storage, and what to consider before choosing a company. Trust us when we say both your belongings and state of mind will be preserved through opting for this storage alternative.

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