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Vintage LED Light Bulbs win the heated debate

Sprawled across the café scene of New York, London, Paris and Melbourne, Vintage light bulbs have become the most modern lighting alternative on the market. Smokey bulbs with exposed filaments in a variety of warm colours are clustered in collections of twos and threes besides the door, above the desk and lighting the hallways around the city and 'burbs. Most of these vintage-looking light bulbs are made from energy guzzling carbon filaments that cost buckets to run and need changing within 18 months. With half of society pushing towards green energy and sustainable living, it seems that the other half are embracing this chic vintage style whilst being unaware of its toxic carbon emission effect. So what's the alternative?

Renovator Store Vintage LED Light GlobeWith the ‘vintage look’ sweeping Melbourne’s inner city café scene, it is obvious that retro Edison light bulb styles are here to stay. But traditional Edison light bulbs are power guzzling, money hungry, environmental killers. As with all halogen globes, Edison light bulbs need changing every 1.5-2 years which can be a very expensive and a time consuming exercise, especially in a busy environment that uses electronic light sources for 12 hours a day. But they look so cooooooooool! So what is the solution? How do you obtain this vintage retro look without busting the bank and environment?

Renovator Store Vintage LED Light Globe

That is why VintageLED have designed a retro light bulb design that looks like an Edison light globe yet uses the latest LED technology! And the Renovator Store are here to sell it to you! Not only do they look quirky but they will save you hundreds of dollars over the next few years in electricity bills!

Vintage Led Light Bulb

Did you know that The United States of America has predicted that widespread LED usage will save 348 terawatt hours of electricity by 2027 which is equivalent to $30 billion dollars in electricity bills! Within 18 months of installing LED lighting you will earn your money back by saving on electricity bills and from then on, it's all going into your back pocket!

Renovator Store Vintage LED Light Globe

VintageLED products burn at 2200 Kelvins - the warmest temperature on the market. They mimic the old Tungsten gas lamps that produce that ambient incandescent glow. Coming in a smokey or clear glass bulb with either an E27 or B22 fittings, our VintageLED products are suitable for any space!

Renovator Store Vintage LED Light GlobeVintageLED globes are dimmable and extremely cheap to run, using only 6 Watts as opposed to your normal 60 Watt Halogen globes. This does not effect their brightness, just the amount of electricity needed to cause such brightness.

Renovator Store Vintage LED Light Globe

VintageLED lights are safe to install in your ceiling or in a fixture at arms reach. Using the latest LED technology, VintageLED globes do not heat up as halogen globes do. Halogen globes can reach temperatures of 500°C in your ceiling space whereas VintageLED do not heat above 30°C. This makes them an obvious choice in regards to fire risk but they are also far more safe when hanging low around children.

Renovator Store Vintage LED Light Globe

Follow the VintageLED link on to view our expanding range of LED products!

Renovator Store Vintage LED Light Globe Renovator Store Vintage LED Light Globe

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