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Wardrobe storage solutions for wardrobe worries

It’s often the case that you find your perfect apartment in your dream location yet one or two things are missing... one of these being a closet. You begin to question why would anyone ever design a bedroom without a closet, especially when there isn’t enough room for a bed let alone a freestanding wardrobe. But something’s got to give and if a wardrobe is your worst worry, you’ve come to the right place!

Many of the worlds best interior designers prefer an open wardrobe as opposed to a bulky, space wasting cupboard in a small room. The most common solution is a bought or self-made clothing rack. These are inexpensive and can create a high-fashion, boutique look in your own bedroom if you dress it right.


Run out of floor space? Make yourself a hanging clothing rack. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it seems. All you need are two pieces of chain or rope and some sort of hanging bar, branch or ledge to rest between them. Hang one over your dresser or chest of drawers for shirt storage. Even pinning a chain up on your wall can be used to hook your hangers on. Just be weary of weight constraints…

hanging-clothes  hanging-clothes-rack-DIY hanging-clothes-rack-DIY

One of the most fantastic wardrobe storage solutions we’ve seen is the construction of portable closests. They look like they’ve been found backstage at the theatre however are more solid and permanent looking than your average clothing rack found at IKEA. What do you think?


Raise your bed by 30cm with some ‘bed raisers’ from IKEA and you have just earnt yourself 4 sq metres of extra storage space. Tuck your out-of-season clothes away and hide your never ending collection of shoes.

bed-raisers-storage-opportunity under-bed-storage-boxes-clothes-linen

Another clever use of space is using your clothing rack as your headboard. It may create a cluttered look but if dressed right it can be your wardrobe and feature wall all in one!


In any space, nook or cranny, install a few of the Heüger Wardrobe storage products available from the Renovatorstore. Simple side-mounted trouser racks or shoe storage baskets look great, supply fantastic storage opportunity and are of the best European quality you will find!

heuger-wardrobe-storage-solutions-closet heuger-wardrobe-storage-solutions-closet

Build yourself a shelving unit and add some floating shelves. Shelving can be made out of just about anything. Crates, cartoons, wooden boxes or buckets. Stack them high and wide and make use of all the space inside. Floating shelves are great to store your prized shoes, hats and accessories.

open-wardrobe-hanging shelving-open-floating



Remember hooks are your best friend when look for extra storage space around your home. Attach a set of hooks to the back of your bedroom door or along your wall and hang your finest threads so that they double as artwork.

bedroom-clothing-hooks bedroom-hooks-clothes hanging-space-clothing-hooks-bedroom-art

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