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What Does Your Bathroom Say About You?

So you've been invited at a dinner party and had a good nose around the host’s home. You probably even searched drawers and cupboards looking for embarrassing hidden mementos.

When it comes to the room that gives the most away, you may be wondering what your bathroom says about you.


Ideally your bathroom is the place where you relax and get away from the stresses of life for a while. It is here that you can soak in the bath and let your worries evaporate or sing in the shower as though your life depended upon it. But aside from being the only place you can be your naked self, your bathroom design and choice of fixtures actually says a lot about who you are.

Breeding and Hygiene

Every home needs to be looked after. If you don’t do this then the bathroom is one of the first rooms that is likely to suffer. A dirty, out dated or messy bathroom will show the world that you don’t look after your home and that cleanliness and hygiene isn't a thing you or your family values. Blaming it on apparent cliches, most often than not, unsightly and weathered bath fixtures and stained soap baskets may project a somewhat "person living here wasn't taught and raised well to know hygiene" impression. Fortunately for the busy homemakers, fixtures of brushed chrome or stainless steel bathroom accessories are available depending on preference, to make sure cleaning can be easily maintained rather than made as a separate task that eats up precious time. Once you have the look you want, it's simply a question of a little bit of regular cleaning to keep it looking at its best.



It used to be that the majority of bathrooms contained pretty much exactly the same things in them. This is no longer the case and if you haven’t made yours a bit more exciting then it could be construed as a lack of imagination on your part. There are a vast range of ideas and theme's readily available through blogs and forums, making it easier for anyone to achieve an up to date look. If budget is becoming an issue, be aware of untapped sources of designer fixtures that wouldn't cut part of your household budget that much. You'll find online stores like to have surprisingly good quality designer fixtures at costs far lower than retail shops, that help you exude an aura of sophisticated elegance, that says nothing but good taste and a well exposed personality.



A rustic style bathroom could tell anyone that you’re an old romantic, who values the time-honoured, like good manners and respecting your elders, bamboo basins and elegant accessories add that rustic warm feel to your bathroom and exude that country farmhouse feel and a cultured impression to anyone who sees.



Stylish and Chic


However abundant the factors that jeopardize decorating a house, the bathroom should be one of the easiest places for creating style and functionality. A safe theme is often the simple and classy look. Though you shouldn't feel inhibited about showing your good taste by adding some splashes of colour, don’t forget that you need something practical and good to look at.



Person who loves luxury

Some would call you high-maintenance but the reality is, you just love the finer things in life. Bathrooms can be the most luxurious room in the house, reserved for ‘me time’ and pampering. Marble is a great, if pricey place to start when designing a lavish new bathroom. Easy to clean and beautiful to look at, this plush material will have your guests turning green with envy.


Luxurious products are the ideal addition to your bathroom, so go out and invest in some organic toiletries made with fresh, sweet smelling ingredients. Though one of the keys to a luxury bathroom is adorning it with expensive items, making your guests feel at home and imply that no expense has been spared can be achieved without the high cost of style. Most online shops like are untapped resources that gives you that luxurious feel and style with prime cost items made available at a fraction of the cost.

Soft and pampering warm towels add to the luxurious spa feeling that is easily achieved with heated towel rails, that tell your guests that comfort and style is something your used to and value.

Following these simple tips it’s easy to customise your bathroom in a way that says something positive about you whilst wowing visitors in the process.

Always remember, your bathroom not only cleans and bathes but also reflects the owner from within.

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