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What Does Your Lighting Say About You?

More often than not, lighting isn’t considered to be the most revealing aspect of your home. However, did you know that your preferences in lighting can describe a lot about your personality than you might have thought? Certain types of lighting are suited for different personality traits, and here are six of them.


Image by Jesse Kristalie


This type of lighting owes much of its design to elaborate Victorian style home designs which had very intricate bay windows and stained glass doorways. The aristocratic houses were very lavish and you can identify how this has resonated through to the Victorian chandeliers. These types of lighting reveal your very sophisticated and cultured nature.

This can add the perfect traditional look to your living room. If you invest in antiques and you like anything vintage for your house then this lighting is the one for you. With the growth of Victorian homes, it is only natural to also have lighting that suits this type of look.


Gothic art and works have always been generally very intricate and immense to say the least. The Gothic movement in itself was influenced by the growth of Christianity the stunning new cathedrals that were being built. It is no surprise that this is also evident in the lighting.

Classic, broody and chic: it gives you that perfect Wuthering Heights vibe that you’ve always longed for. This is pertinent tor people who enjoy and embrace the darker side of life. These lightings are well suited for those rooms with dark colours and can be used to accentuate it. Gothic lighting comes in many darker shades to suit even the pickiest of us.


With the new modern age and the rise of technology, people are searching for far better innovations than just a typical lampshade. This can be considered the direct descendant of minimalistic lighting but with a twist of enhancive technology to give it a boost.

Having modern lighting is becoming very popular among newlyweds who are just decorating or moving into their newly bought homes. Personalities who thrive on simplicity and elegance are particularly drawn to Modern lighting.


Minimalistic art has slowly crept its way into our contemporary lives. This is perfect for single, young people looking for a very simple look for their homes. The idea of “less is more” cannot be applied better anywhere else.

The history of minimalistic tradition stems from the 60s with the great emphasis on bold geometric shapes being able to do most of the talking. Minimalistic lighting is best suited for clean freaks who dream of houses devoid of clutter and unwanted mess. People who love simple and block coloured shades will fall in love with the pendant and opal shape lamps.

Art Deco

This is a modern movement that has certainly made its mark. If simplicity defines minimalism in one word, then decorativeness epitomises Art Deco.  These lamps rely on bold, geometric shapes that are bound to make a statement. Decorative patterns combined with valiant shapes were initially Egyptian inspired motifs from pyramids to sphinxes.

Anyone that is very opinionated and would consider themselves strong minded would be drawn to Art Deco lighting. This is apt for single individuals in their 20s who are still attempting to find their feet.

1950 Vintage

The 1950s declared the new age for the consumer and everyone wanted new, modern designs for their homes but with a hint of the classic vintage look. This officially paved the path for 1950s Vintage lighting.

This is a perfect theme to choose when you decide to settle down and have a vintage style house with your new family. With its very colourful and vibrant nature, this can be considered the antithesis to minimalistic lighting. If you adore that retro diner lighting look, then this will be your ultimate dream.

Who knew that all these different lighting could be so revealing about one’s personality? What is your favourite lighting style?

Bio: Elisabeth is a freelance writer and likes to experiment with interior design. When not busy writing, she loves to help her friends and family decorate their homes.

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