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What to consider when choosing and installing a shower head

Are you unsatisfied with your existing shower head due to leaks, poor water pressure or its inability to offer different massage actions? Today, the consumer has so many choices when buying a new shower head. From traditional wall mounted shower heads, to overhead rain showers and shower systems with multiple heads, lights and computerised programming.


Types of shower heads

Traditional wall mounted shower heads - Wall mounted shower heads come in a range of styles and options to suit any bathroom or budget. When plumbing a wall mounted head, be sure to take users height into consideration.


Overhead rain showers - These systems contain large, flat heads that are suspended directly above the user and direct the spray straight down. The overhead rain showers are often larger than the traditional wall mounted systems and can be up to 1m in length. They should be installed in the middle of the shower and typically require the services of a plumber to install.

300mm rain shower

Hand held shower systems - These systems have a hand held piece that is attached to the wall of the shower via a flexible extension hose. Sometimes the systems have a vertical slide bar that can adjust the height of the shower head. These are the most flexible systems allow the user to move the shower head around. They are particularly handy for children, pets, disabled or injured shower users. They are also great for keeping hair dry when the shower head is correctly positioned.


Shower systems - These showers have multiple heads and often combine an overhead rain shower and hand held shower in the one system. Some systems contain a dozen shower heads for an amazing, luxurious experience. Programmable systems can offer a variety of lighting, music, television inside your shower. The possible configurations are limited only by your imagination and your home's water pressure.


Shower heads come in a variety of finishes from brass, polished or brushed chrome, stainless steel, gold, platinum, matt black, white and nickel finishes. The finish should match the decor of your bathroom and other fixtures you have bought or have installed already. If there is a tap for a bath or basin, ensure you match its design. Also remember although polished finishes are more elegant, they require constant cleaning to remove fingermarks and spots. Brushed and matt black finishes are much better at hiding this.

Number of shower heads

For a busy couple having 2 shower heads including 1 overhead rain shower and 1 wall mounted hand held system is ideal. One partner (typically the male) can drench themselves with the overhead rain shower whilst the wall shower would be preferred by women who want to keep their hair dry.

Shower head options

Various options are available on select shower head systems. You can have full spray, massage, rain, mist, waterfall, bubble and jet spray action. Make sure the spray pattern is easily adjustable, even with soapy hands. If you don't need these options then select a standard shower head.

Eco friendly

Conserving water without sacrificing luxury is certainly top of mind for consumers today. All Australian shower heads must display a sticker with a WELs rating. The scale ranges from zero to six with the higher number indicating more water efficiency.

Today there are many options on the market to save water consumption. The Storm Shower Range offers Air-Turbo Technology featured in a hand shower saving up to 30% less water.


Changing a shower head can be as easy as turning the taps firmly off, removing the old shower head by turning it counterclockwise to remove it, replacing the teflon tape to prevent leakage and then installing the new shower head. Here is a link to a video explaining just how simple it is:









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