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What You Need To Know About Shower Types

What are the different shower types?

An overhead shower is one of the most common types of shower units. It can be mounted either on a wall or the ceiling. Its stationary design doesn't lend itself to flexible use, but if you're fine not being able to adjust your shower, then it's a good fit.

A hi-rise shower is an adjustable shower type mounted on a wall. It is composed of a shower head connected to a height-adjustable arm.

Shower Types

A rail shower is also an wall-mounted height-adjustable type of shower. It usually comes with a hand shower for added flexibility.

A hand shower is mounted on a wall and it can be removed for flexible movement. Aside from being used for actual showers, it can also be used to clean the shower area.

There are other types of showers out there and most of them are just combinations of the types discussed above. There are sets where a hand shower is combined with an overhead shower and there are those where an overhead shower is actually installed together with a hi-rise or rail shower for the ultimate flexibility.

What's the best design?

There are two factors you need to consider when determining the best design for your shower. First, the functionality of the shower types.

If you want your shower to be adjustable to accommodate the different members of your family, a rail shower is your best bet. They are height adjustable so you can count on flexibility that will be convenient for all members of your family. Another benefit of this type of shower is it can be easily cleaned by lowering the shower head to a more comfortable height.

A wall-mounted shower spray offers a different kind of flexibility as you can use it for a variety of ways like for a water massage or reaching for different places on your body .

If flexibility is not an issue for you, a ceiling-mounted shower is a great option. Once installed, it stays on your ceiling and you will get a good old fashioned shower with no bells and whistles.

The actual look of the shower type is the second thing you need to consider when picking a shower type. You can pick a design that will complement your bathroom's overall look and feel. If your bathroom has a warm and cozy design, look for a shower type that looks easy to handle, or even fun to use. If your bathroom has a modern theme, look for a shower type with an elegant and sleek design.

photo by Steven Depolo
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