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What your room colour says about you!

We all know that a lick of paint is one of the easiest upgrade any room could have. But before you start ripping your wall paper off, or rushing to your paint store to grab just anything that catches your eye... think again. The colours you pick can and will have a say as to how people will see you. Here's a short guide to what your room colour says about you


red room
Red is the color for passion, energy, and money making. Reds in their true red mode are sexy and seductive. This energetic personality craves attention and what's more they get it. Being quick with their emotions, they may erupt into a temperamental volcano right in front of you then simmer down just as quickly.

Sunny Yellow

yellow room
Bright sunshine yellow has the same high energy as you do when you set your mind on a goal. Explicitly saying that you make you own rules — and you inspire others with how you experience life fully.  You are business minded and want others to know that you are well-educated. You are friendly and nurturing. Used in a room this colour appear to spring forward, literally making a room feel more intimate. This colour is also energizing, stimulates conversation and appetites.


white room

White is the color of purity. Waiting patiently for others to notice you before making your ideas known, you tend to appear shy despite being actually outspoken. Feeling pure no matter what you do, you stand firm on your beliefs though you don't really want to discuss those beliefs with others. Knowing you are right is enough for you.

Having impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene and you expect others to adhere to your high standards. You are cautious, practical and careful with money. Not prone to impulsive behavior, you are self-sufficient and a loner - you don't want or need help from anyone. However, you may also experience times of loneliness because of this trait.


blue room

Choosing blue as your colour says that you bring a no-nonsense attitude to most endeavors. Revealing you as having a dynamic personality, your strong belief in the things you undertake is often the key to your success.


green room

Celadon and other shades of green in your home indicates that you are a good listener, have genuine compassion, and allow others to express their hopes and fears. You are someone who exudes positive energy and a 'we can make it happen' philosophy" With a discerning sensibility and an innate desire to put others at ease, you will come in as a natural when it comes to social endeavors


black room

You're elegant, comfortable with formality, complex, a bit mysterious. Precise in your thinking you quickly understand concepts, connect ideas, and envision ways to make things happen. Black is one of the most beautiful colors and yet it is the absence of color. Black want everything done in detail. If a job needs finishing, you are normally the one who finishes it. More of a follower than a leader, you need to be told what needs to be done. Under guidance, you are able to get to the crux of the matter and solve very large problems. When put in a position to find the mistakes of others, they are right at home.


pink room
Known as the colour of love, being drawn to pink says that you maybe a bit tempestuous, someone who seeks out new experiences and surrounding. Easily bored by the mundane, you live life with a willingness to put yourself out there.


brown room
If you take your obligations seriously, are industrious, and value the respect of those close to you, then you most probably have brown as your colour scheme.


purple room

The color of spirituality, you are always striving to be better than what you consider yourself to be, both on a spiritual, emotional and mental plane. Hungry for knowledge, your homes are normally stacked with bookshelves. Trying to become what you think you should be, you tend to search both your life and the lives of others for answers. Seeming to have been plucked from the red carpet on Oscar night purple in rooms lend instant va-va-voom. Like the celebrities who turn heads in with purple, you are probably outgoing, confident and creative.

So remember, the easiest update to any room is new a lick of paint, the hard part is choosing the right colour.

Happy Renovating!

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