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What's hot in fireplaces

Set any living area a light in 2014 with the addition of an ambient fireplace. Gone are the days of the necessity of a fireplace to keep a room warm … fireplaces are now being installed in the most elaborate of all places around ones home and back yard, creating dynamic interest and awe.  Check out the latest designs below to inspire your new home plans.

Fireplaces, no matter where they are, have an ability to draw people in and create the perfect space for gathering and entertaining, creating a focal point in anyone’s home.  Whether displayed in a central hearth, running linear beside your pool or situated halfway up the wall above your bath, its time to start getting imaginative about where your next fireplace is going to go!

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The Fire Ribbon

With the phasing out of traditional grand fireplaces, 2014 see’s the continuous introduction of quirky, modern and sophisticated fireplaces in places never heard of before. Why must a fireplace be square? Why must it be on the ground? On trend in 2014 is the fire ribbon, which as its name suggests, is a long rectangular shaped fireplace that can stretch to any desired length and act as a border, wall or fence. The fire ribbon is often installed low to the ground, below cabinetry or set within a plain wall to accentuate a minimalist look. Although normally installed horizontally, vertical linear fireplaces are always an option!


Why to switch to a gas fireplace?

Nothing beats the smell of rustic wood and popping kindling as you snuggle up on the couch beside your traditional wood-burning fireplace. However, in this growing age where spare time is hard to come by, its hard enough finding time to enjoy a wood-burning fire let alone finding time to collect wood, set it, maintain it and then clean up the mess. This is why gas fireplaces are the way of the future, not to mention that it’s better for the environment and economically cheaper! Gas fireplaces are cleaner, cheaper and easy to control. With the amount of options available for gas fireplaces, you can choose your flame colour, height and warmth all from the couch with the push of a button.


Outdoor fireplaces that create outdoor living areas

Nothing quite compares to the luxury of an outdoor living area nor does anything quite compare to the ability of an outdoor fireplace to anchor an outdoor living area. As Australians are shifting more and more towards outdoor lifestyles and backyards are becoming extra living spaces, the addition of an outdoor fireplace will add value and luxe to your property! Whether it be a traditional fireplace that doubles as a pizza oven, a modern gas fire set into a wall or a central fire pit surrounded by lounges and the pool, the outdoor fireplace trend is surely taking off! Jump on it while its hot!

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