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What's Hot Right Now In Bathroom Purchasing

Bathroom purchasing trends for the next year involves functionality, aesthetics, and creativity. It’s going to be an interesting year for bathroom renovations and we suggest you get in on it from the ground floor. Here are the hot trends right now for bathroom purchasing.

Bathroom Purchasing

Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails have shot up in popularity in recent months and they are expected to maintain this popularity in the foreseeable future, especially during winter. It can be considered as a luxury as it provides comfort and warmth in a convenient manner for anyone who does not like using cold damp towels, which is basically everyone.

Rail Showers

Saving water has become a priority for most homes all over the world in recent years, and that’s where rail showers come in handy. They are designed to minimize water usage without affecting the shower experience we have come to know and love. Its flexibility also plays a part in its popularity as height adjustable showers give users total control of their shower experience.

Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths have become the poster child for modern bathroom design thanks to their chic designs. If you’re looking to have a contemporary bathroom, a freestanding bath is a must-have.  Consider a free standing mixer tap or a stylish integrated wall mixer/spout as well to really complement the bath.  Just remember to plan the plumbing carefully as it is difficult to install these after the floor and wall has been waterproofed and tiled.

Back To Wall Toilet Suites

Just like the freestanding baths, back to wall toilet suites have become popular thanks to their chic design that involves elegant clean lines and compact size, plus it is quite efficient to clean. This easy to clean attribute make back to wall toilet suites ideal for people who do not have the time for cleaning bathrooms constantly while still striving for a modern bathroom look.

Customisable Bathroom Furniture

If you have a lot of room in your bathroom, you can get in on the customisable bathroom furniture trend. People like to customise their bathroom’s look whenever they can, so the recent surge in furniture that allow for customisation such as storage compartments is no surprise.  We love the new trend that highlights natural timber and stone in the bathroom.  A stone basin on a timber bench, or a timber basin (yes!) on a stone bench are fantastic natural statements.

Mini Bathroom Facelifts

People have recently realised that renovating or redesigning their bathrooms do not have to involve tearing portions or all of it apart and building something entirely new. All you need to do really is to apply your creativity and get some pretty accessories or maybe even buy new fixtures such as shower heads, tapware, and storage options. Those are not big purchases but if you find the right accessories and fixtures for the look you want, you will have a truly great bathroom facelift in no time.

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