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Filtered water for the whole house

Have you ever considered a whole house water filter system? If you are unsure about the quality of water that flows through your taps for drinking, showering and cleaning then you should consider such a system. Water is an important part of everyday life and if contaminated can cause damage to your health, skin and appliances. There are so many health issues linked to toxins, chemical, sediment and organic matter found in drinking water.

Benefits of the whole house water filter system can include $ savings if you no longer need to buy bottled water or repair appliances that breakdown. In addition, the water that leaves the house will be cleaner and free of chemicals, minerals and bacteria that could harm the environment.

Before you go ahead and install such a system, make sure that you understand how your current plumbing is set up.

A whole house water filter system is installed into the pipe that brings water to your home.

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Make new shut off valve

Even though there is a main shut off valve in your home, it is going to be crucial to make another one near the filter system, so that you can turn it off. If you are a DIY, then learn how to install shut off valves on your own, and what kind of tools you will need for the job. Remember to turn off the water first, as you will have to cut into the pipes.

Installing the filter system

Make sure that you carefully plan and mark everything when cutting and connecting the water filter system to your pipes. This can be a challenge but even if you do it alone, make sure that you do it properly and follow the systems instructions. Never engage the system before you have fully checked it, to ensure there are no leaks or damage.

Keep it maintained

Installing the system will not be enough, you will need to take good care of the filters. Experts from water filter companies in Sydney suggest that you check the filter regularly, and you clean out the system on a weekly basis, so that you do not have any gunk buildup or blocking of the filter cartridges. Moreover, make sure that you get new filters whenever it is time for a change, otherwise you might run the risk of letting dirt and poison back into your water.

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Why filtered water is great

Keep in mind that there are many benefits of using filtered water in your home, and it is going to be especially useful if you want to protect your environment and keep everyone strong and healthy. The installation is not at all hard, and the investment will seem trivial once you feel the benefits and experience first hand how it can improve your overall health. Just make sure that you install it correctly, and that you take good care of the system, otherwise, you might have to call in the professionals.

If a whole house water filter system is not for you then consider installing an under sink water filter so you still have the cleanest water on tap!




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