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Why Gift cards? Why not?

My friend who's an MSN Money columnist Liz Weston really dislikes gift cards. She despairs of a world in which a shopper grabs a dozen plastic rectangles from the supermarket’s “gift card mall” and does a mental butt dance: Woo hoo! I'm all done with my holiday shopping!

That image bothers me, too. Gift-giving should not come down to, “How fast can I get this over with?

Yes, we're all busy. But must generosity be reduced to a time trial?

gift cardI think that gift cards can make good presents. It’s the intention that matters.

I know we like looking for the perfect gift, may it be from a rummage sale or a department store. But wouldn't your teen-aged niece prefer to buy her own clothes, books or music.

A kind word and a pat on the back are nice, but who are we kidding? It’s a material world, money talks,

That’s where gift cards come in. Gift cards have been the most popular type of holiday present for seven consecutive holiday seasons, and more than 80% of people want one this year. Why??? well....

We've all received presents in which we simply have no interest, and they inevitably end up lost or in the trash. You could make the case that the same is true of gift cards, but can you put a few ties or jars of home made jam together to buy one of those iPads? Probably not.  However, you can combine a few different gift cards to purchase that big-ticket item you really want but will never get from anyone you know..

To some people gift cards may feel impossibly impersonal. Why not just send a cheque and be done with it? But don't gift cards feel more like presents and less like cash? Even more,

What gift do you buy a Renovator?

And what do you buy a Renovator or Home Improver?  A gift for their new home or something to help with the project is so thoughtful - BUT it is not easy to know what their preferences are and you could easily get something that does not suit or impress them.  That's where the new Renovator Store Gift eCard is a great solution.  It lets the recipient select from a wide variety of designer fixtures - and these are what defines their new home.  And - if you left it to the last minute, you can send it by email!  They will love you for it as it lets them pick what they are after and helps relieve the financial burden of their renovation project (or maybe helps them stretch it that little bit further!).

If you are renovating or planning - maybe leave a few subtle hints for your friends and family what you would like!   If I received a Renovator Store Gift eCard I could buy that designer Fiji Pendant light that would finally complete my room makeover, or that Kitchen Cupboard Dish Shelf to finally organise my kitchen without touching the weeks food budget.  After all, someone else is buying.

So the next time you have someone to give a gift to, Instead of hitting a mental marathon of what you may re-gift or what you can get to give that's on sale.. Think again. A Renovator Store Gift eCard is Easy as 1...2...3!

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