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Your Bathroom Basin! A Stunning Statement in your Bathroom

So you've dressed up your bath with a lick of paint, changed the linen and got a new heated towel rail for some toasty spa like towels.

How about the basin? The necessity of a basin in a bathroom can be ascertained through the undeniable fact that we get our own bodies rid of every germ, wash our clothes, wash our hands before eating, clean our face of dust, and yes it plays an essential part in maintaining health with hygiene.


A new basin can be a budget-conscious way to completely alter a bathroom's appearance.


In choosing basins, gone are they days when a simple white, round basin was your only choice. Pedestals and vanity-mounted basins all offer a host of colors, sizes and shapes. Consider how frequently the bathroom is used, what kind of look you're going for, and consider the following in mind as you shop to find the perfect fit:

Think about the Space

Consider the size of your bathroom and where the sink will go. If you're starting from scratch and designing a new layout, then allow as much space as possible around the basin for movement and toiletries. If you have space, twin basins are ideal for large families.

Most basins protrude 50cm from the wall, but there are designs with a projection of 40cm. Make sure the sink won't interfere with the rest of the room.


With so many styles available, here's what you need to know.

Pedestals are used to conceal the pipes and drains for a neat finish. They are available in traditonal styles to angular, contemporary designs.
Wall-hung basins are ideal for compact bathrooms as they create a sense of space by allowing more floor space to be seen. Consider using storage baskets below the basin for an attractive display idea.
Bowl basins are a stylish choice and will bring a modern look to the bathroom, but make sure they are at least 45cm deep so they don't splash water over the floor.
Countertops with an undermounted basin, will create a sleek and streamlined look, and also create plenty of worktop surface around the basin for toiletries.
Basins with vanity units are a great storage solution as the cupboards below can store away all sorts of clutter, including unsightly cleaning products.
Console basins with legs are either fixed to the wall or sit on top of a counter and bring a contemporary look to the space.

What type of materials are sinks made of?

Ceramic sinks are the most popular type of sink as they are low-cost, durable, easy to clean and are available in many different shapes and colours.
Glass bowls will bring a contemporary look the bathroom, however they are prone to chipping and are hard to keep clean.
Natural stone is the perfect material to give your bathroom a spa-like feel, however it can stain easily and is a costly option.
Stainless steel basins are most commonly found in kitchen, however they are creeping into bathrooms, giving them an industrial look. They are very hardwearing and durable, but can be tricky to keep clean and shiny.
Wood basins are the latest in design and a popular way to bring a natural feel to your bathroom haven. They make stunning statements in any bathroom. They will need to be regularly treated to retain their look.

Happy Renovating!


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