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Your Kitchen's Most Important Asset

Not a lot of people realize this, but your tap is one of the most important assets in your kitchen.

Plainly because, it is one of the most used. While it may not be the first item on your design agenda, you might need to give it some careful consideration to avoid hassles in the future.


Factors you should key in are: The type of tap to choose - The kitchen mixer tap is a popular style, as they combine hot and cold water which comes out via the same spout. They are operated by a single/double lever or screw tap. Also consider the water temperature and flow - a mixer tap can adjust these by a lever. And dont forget where the taps will be mounted - on the bench or wall either side of the spout.

busu tap

Available in a variety of styles and materials (e.g. chrome, stainless steel, brushed steel, nickel, etc), the kitchen mixer can suit almost every type of kitchen from contemporary to country. They can also come with a spray head which are attached at the spout allowing you to peel vegetables or rinse plates. An alternative is the pull-out spray which makes it easy to fill up pots, vases or buckets outside the sink area. Other options for the kitchen mixer include fitting a water purifier that offers instant filtered drinking water.

Wels-Rating-7.5Also before purchasing, make sure to consider the water rating (WELS) of a tap. WELS is Australia's water efficiency labelling scheme that requires certain products to be registered and labelled with their water efficiency in accordance with the standard set under the national Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Act 2005. - the more stars a tap has the more efficient it is.

By choosing to use more water-efficient products in the home, you get to save water and reduce your water and energy bills.

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