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Kitchen and Laundry Fixtures

The kitchen is the centre of many well designed homes with many contemporary kitchens opting for a sleek and minimalist design. Selecting the right kitchen fixtures is key to achieving a space that is both beautiful and functional. Our range of kitchen fixtures and laundry fixtures ensure your space will not only perform its best, but look its best.

Kitchen Fittings and Fixtures Online Store

A great kitchen not only makes a home, but sells it too! As the crux of many homes the kitchen should reflect your life style and provide the space you need for cooking and offer a plethora of functional fixtures, smart storage, and excellent accessories. As one of the two main rooms that people think about when someone says renovations, it is important to carefully evaluate what's going into your kitchen space. Your selection of kitchen fixtures from sinks to taps, to pantries, purifiers, and waste bins, should always take into account functionality and form.

Laundry Fixtures, Sinks and Taps

The laundry is the unspoken workhorse of the household, so it is essential that you choose laundry fixtures that are durable and functional. We recommend looking for large single bowl sinks with a minimum thickness of 1.2mm if stainless steel, and a durably made laundry mixer or tap. Many renovators tend to simply purchase the cheapest laundry sink or laundry tap possible without a thought to how this space is actually used. We recommend purchasing quality laundry sink taps and sinks to ensure you don't have to replace them again in the short term future.

How To Select Your Renovation Fixtures

Kitchen products go through a lot of daily use and so it is important to consider the quality of a product when buying. It's going to be much more economically viable to buy something of high quality that is going to be able to endure the ware and tare of frequent use than it is to buy something of poor quality. When buying it's also important to consider what you are actually paying for. When purchasing from larger bricks and mortar retailers like Reece or Beaumont Tiles and Bathroom, you're not only paying for the cost of the product, but for the expenses of the showroom, the staff and their marketing budget, consequently resulting in much higher prices. At Renovator Store we sell the same quality of kitchen goods that you would see at these larger showrooms at close to half the price as we purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Quality Kitchen and Laundry Fixtures Online At Great Prices

Our Swedia Kitchen Sinks and Mixers offer the latest in stainless steel technology and highest in quality currently available in the market. Whilst our Elite storage will house all the solutions from whole pantries to every draw in your kitchen to make the most out of your kitchen space. All the products we stock are from brands that Renovator Store has good relations with and that we back wholeheartedly.


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