Dish Drying Racks

Dish racks help maintain the neat storage of your plates and utensils, and at the same time maximises the space in your cupboards. Choose a dish rack that comes with a drip tray so you can store your dishes even right after washing them clean -- therefore you do not have to drip dry dishes on the bench which saves you valuable bench space and time re-packing.

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Kitchen Dish Racks, Plate Storage Rack - Kitchen Organization

Dish drainers are best for neatly storing dishes whether inside overhead kitchen cupboards or for walk-in pantries.  The kitchen cupboard dish rack from Elite comes in 600mm and 900mm depending on the width of your cabinet.  It has an upper rack where you can place dishes vertically and a lower rack with a drip tray. Dishes can be stored in either rack whether they are wet or dry.

Dish Drainers, Kitchen Racks, Stainless Steel Dish Rack - Storage Solutions

Maximise kitchen space with Elite stainless steel dish racks - popular for overhead kitchen cupboards in Europe.  The L-shaped cupboard dish rack is the latest in kitchen storage design and innovation if you want the best for your kitchen.  The L-shaped construction helps to organise the dishes and keeps them in place using pegs.  The dish rack has an innovative slide-out drip tray so you can put dishes in even when wet.

Dish Storage, Dish Drainer Tray, Kitchen Dish Rack - Modern Kitchen

Kitchen dish racks have a spring adjustable mount so there is flexibility with width.  A dish rack can be installed in a walk-in kitchen pantry or scullery for easy access to crockery.  The L-shaped rack can hold up to 20kg depending on cupboard weight capacity.  A double shelf kitchen dish drainer is best for your kitchen when you want to use the upper shelf for placing dishes vertically and the lower shelf for all sorts of crockery including cups and saucers.

Dish Drying Rack, Kitchen Dish Racks and Drainers - Australia Wide Delivery

Stainless steel dish drainers are durable and best for kitchens.  Elite designs modern dish racks and kitchen storage solutions so you can utilise kitchen space in a smart way and still maintain convenient access.  Elite dish racks are available for sale on Renovator Store and will be shipped to you for free if you’re signed in as a member, wherever you are in Australia.

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