Stainless Steel Tapware

Check out Shaynna Blaze's latest tips on setting up your outdoor entertaining area, featuring our popular SWEDIA Stainless Steel Outdoor-Proof Taps.

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SWEDIA® takes pride in its world-leading stainless steel kitchen and laundry products. It specialises in solid sanitary-grade stainless steel* tapware and is a global leader in combining style with the latest in technology and innovation. See the SWEDIA Catalogue now to know more about our tapware and sinkware.

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*Lead-Free Tap for Your Family’s Kitchen

Premium stainless steel kitchen tapware from Swedia are highly sanitary, being lead-free kitchen taps. Swedia stainless steel taps contain a weighted average lead content of not more than 0.25%, which is the standard lead content set by the Australian Building Codes Board for plumbing products intended for use in contact with drinking water. Your family is safe from highly toxic heavy metal. Sanitary-grade stainless steel taps are also non-porous and internally smooth, so there is no debris buildup within.

Outdoor Tap, Stainless Steel Tap for Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens need tapware that are corrosion resistant like Swedia’s stainless steel taps. Mixer taps that will not release harmful chemicals are more hygienic and more sanitary, making them perfect for outdoor areas. Australian outdoor kitchens deserve taps with solid stainless steel construction to ensure strength and durability.

Satin Finish Tap, Brushed Gold Finish Tap, Satin Black PVD Finish Tap

Brushed stainless steel tapware are preferred by many customers and available for the Sigge, the Oskar, the Prima, and other styles. Choose black PVD taps, an elegant finish that will instantly upgrade your kitchen interiors—buy the Signatur, the Klaas, or the Otto in satin black finish. A black finish tap is like a piece of art in your kitchen. It’s also a highly practical choice for those who desire resistance to abrasions, scratches and corrosion.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Taps Australia wide delivery

Swedia stainless steel kitchen tapware are a prime selection for smart renovators. Constructed from sanitary grade lead-free stainless steel, these are precision engineered taps manufactured to meet the strict Australian and New Zealand requirements and standards. We deliver across Australia for free for most products.

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