Domestique 68L Triple Slide Out Concealed Waste Bin - 600mm

ELITE Product Code : ELITEPOB-600-3-0499-C

This triple 68L bin unit comprises one 34-Litre bin and two 17-Litre bins for optimal waste separation. It fits in a standard 600mm wide cabinet and simply mounts to the base. Features high quality ball bearing runners, soft-close mechanism, and an odour eliminating lid. 

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Domestique 68L Triple Slide Out Concealed Waste Bin - 600mm
ELITE Product Code : ELITEPOB-600-3-0499-C
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This is a 3-section 68-Litre pull-out bin unit comprising one Large 34-Litre bin and two 17-Litre-bins - making it ideal for separating general waste from recyclables and compost. Its high quality ball bearing runners feature SOFT-CLOSE so your bin will not slam shut, but effortlessly slides gently back into place. It suits the standard Australian 600mm cupboard width, however, it can of course be installed in a wider cabinet as it is affixed to the base. It is a simple DIY installation as it is fixed to the base of your cabinet - no difficult side-mounted sliders. 

Convenience, Practicality and Smart Design all in one

With the use of one hand, you can simply slide out a concealed bin space. These bins are designed with closed lids to minimise air flow to stop odours from escaping thus, reducing unwanted odours from filling you home.

In cupboard ELITE® bin units are a must for every kitchen, laundry or bathroom. With a well designed odour eliminating lid, your waste is sealed. It is a practical and innovative solution to help you cope with your household waste efficiently. Many customers install this bin under their kitchen sink.  

ELITE specialises in storage hardware. It provides functionality, organisation, class and style for today's modern home. Organising your home has never been so easy - and organisation is the secret to a workable living environment, a clear bench-top, and a minimalist home exterior. The modern designs of the ELITE storage hardware range maximise the utilisation of space and provides convenient access through innovative pull-out mechanisms. The ELITE range is made with quality materials including stainless steel for durability, strength and easy cleaning. Ball-bearing runners and soft-close pull-outs are standard inclusions rather than expensive options. Get an organised home- get an ELITE home!


  • Soft Closing ball bearing runners - fully extending so bins are 100% accessible
  • Larger 68-litre storage capacity (1 x 34-litres, 2 x 17-litres)
  • Triple Bins - ultimate separation of waste
  • Highly stable frame - can support up to 25kg when fully extended
  • Side Stabilisation - Side Stabilisers to ensure the stongest connection with the cabinet
  • Removable high-impact, easy to clean bins
  • Bottom mounted - so it can be installed in a variety of cupboard sizes
  • Engineer designed lid prevents odours
  • Easy Installation - bottom screw plate


These ELITE® pull-out bin systems are great value for money given their exceptional quality.  Be careful to avoid inferior products that have light-weight plastic bins that are easy to break, frames that are flimsy and do not support the weight of the bins when full, or poor quality runners.


Height  540mm
Depth  494mm
Width  530mm
Compartments  1x34Litre + 2x16LitreCompartments
Cupboard Size  Standard 600mm cupboard
Installation  Base Mounted
Warranty  5 Years



Triple Bin - Pull-out Rubbish Bin

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