SHARP 18W White COB LED Downlight Kit - 90mm

Limelight Product Code : RSEYY3DLL-SHARP-18W-WHI
SHARP 18W White COB LED Downlight Kit - 90mm
Limelight Product Code : RSEYY3DLL-SHARP-18W-WHI
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Limelight-Sharp LED Lighting

This SHARP 18 Watt White LED down light kit is a COB LED light powered by a well renowned company that produces LEDs with perfect colour output. Incorporating the latest SHARP COB (Chip on board) LED , this LED chip is matched with a specifically designed heat sink to disburse heat from the LED. We really like the design of this downlight.

Future proof your house now and reap all the economic, safety, and environmental benefits of LED lighting - start saving big dollars! This kit includes a transformer specifically designed for this light so that it will be 100% compatible, and deliver the performance the light is designed to deliver. Best of all it is a DIY product as it comes with a standard Australian power plug (most new houses have power points in the ceiling for lighting - if you don't then your electrician can wire it in minutes).

High efficiency Sharp LED down-light

A LED light is superior to a LED retrofit globe

Replacing the whole light fitting is a superior concept to just replacing the halogen globe. There are LED globes that replicate halogen globes. However, they are constrained by the traditional size of of the halogen globe and therefore have smaller heat sinks and therefore shorter life expectations.  In simple terms: we suggest a replacement of the entire light and transformer setup rather than just the globe.  That way you can be completely assured of its compatibility with your household electricity, and get the most out of the new technology.

Do not change a globe for 25 years!

This light is rated for an amazing 50,000 hours. So you can use it 5 hours a day and still expect it to last more than 25 years! Once you appreciate this you will understand that there is no need to fit replacement globes. This"all-in-one" light will last so long that it is regarded as a permanent fixture. It achieves its long life rating by its large 'heat sink' design - this keeps the light cool to touch and prolongs its life.

Citizen Japan

SHARP, a well renowned company that produces LEDs with perfect colour output, produced the clever innovation of placing the LED in the centre. Located behind the optics lens which looks and behaves in the exact same manner as your traditional halogen lamp, this allows you to enjoy all the benefits of greatly reduced energy consumption and extended lamp life. These lighting technology gives you true to life colours - thus, making you feel better, plus the objects that surround you also look better and more true to life. Unlike many new LED downlights currently on the market, These lights' diffuser is placed in front of the LEDs greatly reducing the amount of visible light. The appearance of these downlights also looks more like the compact fluorescent downlights which we see in commercial applications.

An Australian brand focused on green energy LED lights for Australia. Aside from simple installation procedures and quality workmanship, Limelight LED's are energy-efficient and safer than traditional incandescent light bulbs that waste 90 percent of the energy they consume on heat. Limelight LED Lights consume only one-third of the energy used to operate traditional light bulbs. Limelight LED Lighting delivers an environment friendly way of stylishly making your home and mother earth a better place to live in. Limelight - the "new green" in LED lighting

Finally - a LED light designed to just work

The design and construction of this light sets it apart from many on the market. It is designed to replace the entire existing downlight fitting. It will simply fit in a standard 90mm diameter (standard halogen down light) ceiling hole. IMPORTANT: Unlike most LED lights on the market, the LED transformer (driver) that comes in this kit has beenspecifically manufactured for and tested within the Australian market. This means it is capable of modulating for Australia's variable power surges and spikes.

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LED light colour choices


3 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing faults. If the transformer is being hard-wired it must be installed by a qualified electrician to maintain warranty. See product documentation and our Returns and Warranties Policy.

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