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How to pick LED Lights

LED lights from Philips sharp citizen, lumex and samsung

When considering LED lights it is important to get it right the first time - as good LED lighting should perform well for 25 years+, and save you 85%+.  Below we answer the three key questions you should be asking:  What type?  What Brightness?  What Light colour?

What type?  There a 4 key types of LED lights - pick yours

LED globes vs LED downlights
12V LED Globe to replace halogen globeLED globe for GU10 connectionLED light for existing halogen ceiling frameLED downlight kit with plug and driver

What brightness?  Size matters - Consider your needs

Unlike traditional lighting, quality LED lighting should perform for 50,000+ hours of use.  That is more than 25 years at 6 hours a day.  So you need to choose carefully!  Basically, the brighter the LED light the larger the LED light.  

Higher brightness requires a bigger LED chip source.  The bigger the LED chip source, the larger the heat sink required.  Heat is the enemy of LED chips - they have to be kept cool.

Brightness is measured in LUMENS.  A new 50 watt halogen globe produces about 750 Lumens, so if you are replacing halogens keep this in mind.  If you are installing LED lights in a new property then you do not need to consider existing fittings and put in bigger lights - the bigger you go, the less you need.

What Light Colour?  Warm White is normal for households

Choosing LED light colour causes a lot of confusion.  The fact is: Warm White is the standard choice for the entire house and more than 90% of customers use it for their whole house.  You can actually stop here, take the easy choice, and just decide on WARM WHITE for everyting!

However, there are two other ranges of light colour:  Natural White and Cool White.  Natural White is akin to midday sunlight, and is sometimes chosen for bathrooms and home offices.  Cool White is an artificially white light often used in retail spaces and offices, and is sometimes chosen for garages and laundries.  Light colour is measured in KELVIN and the diagram below shows the three key bands available.

 warm white or cool white?